Health Benefits, Pension Protection and other Labor Rights

The laws governing union organizing are dysfunctional and need to be changed. Working with the broader labor movement, the WGAW is active in ongoing efforts to overhaul federal labor law and making the workplace more conducive to organizing and unionization. Our stake in labor law reform is clear—in genres like reality and animation when writers ask for industry-standard benefits they face the same intimidation and barriers from employers that workers in other industries are confronted with when they choose to join a union. Legislative initiatives such as the Employee Free Choice Act, are aimed at leveling the playing field and helping all workers to exercise their rights.

To learn more about the Employee Free Choice Act, and the need for Labor Law Reform, please visit the AFL-CIO website or the American Rights @ Work site:

While we do not expect this commonsense reform to pass this year, we do expect to make progress on this issue early in 2009.

Bills in Congress:
Read the text of the Employee Free Choice Act.