The Craft of Writing for Film and Television: 2008

December 30:  From the Grave to the Cradle
Oscar-winner ERIC ROTH opens up about his feelings on mortality and how his parents’ deaths informed the writing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

December 19:  Capturing The Spirit
FRANK MILLER’s relationship with Hollywood has often been rocky, but the legendary graphic novelist’s love for movies has returned with The Spirit.

December 12:  Running to Stand Still
The Day the Earth Stood Still’s DAVID SCARPA takes on a classic and argues that structure is the last thing screenwriters should worry about.

November 17:  Philadelphia Freedom
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s ROB MCELHENNEY describes how he went from waiting tables to showrunner/TV star virtually overnight.

November 10:  Just Like Starting Over
After early success in features, SARA PARRIOTT and JOSANN MCGIBBON struggled until they found new life with TV's The Starter Wife.

October 30:  The Phenom
Changeling’s J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI has written 10 hours a day, virtually every day since he was 17. Some say it's discipline; he calls it compulsion.

October 24:  A New Home in the Old Neighborhood
Showrunner KATHLEEN MCGHEE-ANDERSON balances family entertainment with urban grit on ABC Family’s Lincoln Heights.

October 17:  The Bee Keeper
GINA PRINCE-BYTHEWOOD reveals how she became the guardian of The Secret Life of Bees. 

October 3:  When Truth Comes a-Callin’
First-time screenwriter JENNY LUMET sorts art from science in the comi-tragic Rachel Getting Married. 

September 26:  Sex, Dreams & Racial Slurs
Oscar-winner ALAN BALL takes on the controversy surrounding his latest film Towelhead. 

September 17:  A Voice for the Voiceless
Nothing Like the Holidays’ RICK NAJERA speaks at the L.A. Latino Film Festival about his passion for innovation, the arts, and breaking down walls. 

September 3:  Faith & Grace 
Showrunner NANCY MILLER explores the worst and best of humanity on Saving Grace. 

August 29:  The Power of the Underdog 
The House Bunny 's KAREN LUTZ and KIRSTEN SMITH have made a career out of being underestimated. 

August 29:  Married to Their Work 
The Rocker's MAYA FORBES and WALLY WOLODARSKY's partnership goes beyond writing. The comedy team speaks about how they stay committed to being funny. 

August 21:  Choosing Sides in a World of Gray 
Traitor's JEFFREY NACHMANOFF provides full disclosure on how the spy genre has changed and why screenwriting is Hollywood's last meritocracy. 

August 15:  From the Deep End 
Henry Poole Is Here's ALBERT TORRES almost forsook screenwriting until he learned one of the craft's most vaunted and hard-to-learn laws. 

August 8:  The Doctor is In 
Dr. D.P. Lyle, an author and consultant for House, CSI: Miami, and other shows lists some of the medical facts that writers always seem to get wrong - and right. 

July 25:  Something to Believe In 
CHRIS CARTER and FRANK SPOTNITZ's search for “the Truth” continues with The X-Files: I Want to Believe. 

July 11:  I Love the '90s  
First-time writer-director JONATHAN LEVINE sets a coming-of-age tale on the summer streets of mid-'90s Manhattan. 

June 27:  The Guru’s Apprentice 
Newcomer GRAHAM GORDY describes what he learned about comedy from Mike Meyers while co-writing The Love Guru. 

June 19:  Better Lucky than Smart 
Get Smart's TOM J. ASTLE & MATT EMBER expound on adapting the classic '60s comedy and what they feel is a screenwriter's most important attribute. 

June 9:  The Hitman, the Popstar and the Politics of Weirdness 
A trio of writers MARK LEYNER, JEREMY PIKSER and the irrepressible John Cusack, bring geopolitical satire, soul and familial weirdness to light in their new film, War, Inc. 

June 6:  Noblesse Oblige and Tragedy in America 
Scribe HOWARD RODMAN brings upscale family delusions, dysfunction and murder to the big screen with his visceral adaptation of Savage Grace. 

May 30:  Bringing Sexy Back 
Sex and the City: The Movie's MICHAEL PATRICK KING brings his fabulous foursome to the big screen. 

May 23:  There's No Place Like Home 
ANDREW ADAMSON returns to C.S. Lewis' timeless fantasy landscape in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. 

May 16:  Out of the Comfort Zone 
Showrunner DONALD TODD throws the 30-minute comedy rulebook out the window on Samantha Who?

May 5:  It's Good to Be King 
MICHAEL HIRST, who made his mark on the big screen with Elizabeth, extends his reign over historical dramas on Showtime's The Tudors.

April 28:  Groovy Baby 
How MICHAEL MCCULLERS went from watching Woody Allen movies with Mike Myers to writing and directing the odd couple comedy Baby Mama.

April 12:  The Culture of Teasing 
MARK POIRIER details how growing up in a family of 11 helped the author-screenwriter script the cutting dialogue in Smart People.

April 4:  War, Lies, and Video Tape 
Almost a decade after Boys Don't Cry, KIMBERLY PEIRCE returns to the big screen with her emotional and poignant follow-up, Stop-Loss.

March 24:  The New Adventures of Kari Lizer 
During the recent writers strike, The New Adventures of Old Christine creator KARI LIZER and her staff were unflinching in the face of stark uncertainty.

March 7:  A Journey Through History 
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' showrunner JOHN WIRTH ruminates on mythology, the human condition, and what makes a script stand out in a pile.

March 7:  To Boldly Go… 
Can writers prosper by taking content directly to the Internet? Ask MARC SCOTT ZICREE, whose Star Trek: Phase II is the first Web-based show to receive a sci-fi writers' Nebula Award nomination.

March 3:  On War, Fantasia-Prop, and Making a Difference 
Seasoned film maker BRETT MORGEN speaks out with Chicago 10 his universal story of courage and honor, the need to question authority, and why he's a provocateur.

February 27:  Nothing but the Truth 
Writer BARRY LEVY examines truth and perspective in his first theatrical release, Vantage Point.

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