Art by Committee: Women Writers and Directors Collaborate 

(June 26, 2012) 

Photo Credit: Ron Tammariello
(L-R): Angela Robinson (moderator), Lesli Linka Glatter, Michelle King, Rosemary Rodriguez, Nicole Yorkin, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, and Dawn Prestwich.  

Illustrating the value of inter-guild partnerships, as well as the creative collaboration between writers and directors, the Writers Guild of America, West’s Committee of Women Writers and the Directors Guild of America’s Women’s Steering Committee recently joined forces to co-host an informative writer/director panel event held last month at the WGAW’s L.A. headquarters.

Focusing on “Successful Writer/Director Relationships in Television,” the joint WGAW-DGA seminar offered valuable insight and personal experiences to help illuminate the process by which writers and directors can effectively collaborate to create memorable programming.

The May 19 panel line-up included The Good Wife co-creator/showrunner Michelle King and Good Wife director Rosemary Rodriguez, director Lesli Linka Glatter (True Blood, Pretty Little Liars), The Killing director Gwyneth Horder-Payton and The Killing Co-Executive Producers Nicole Yorkin and Dawn Prestwich, with writer-director Angela Robinson (True Blood) serving as moderator.

The day’s sharp conversation, engaging an SRO audience of WGAW and DGA members, explored topics including the importance of setting the tone in a series pilot and what writer/producers/showrunners look for in directors, as well as the needs of both writers and directors unique to episodic television.

"We were thrilled with the enthusiastic response to this event, not only from the audience but also the panelists. Our hope is to organize a similar event at the DGA, focusing on features,” said WGAW CWW Co-Chair Suzan Olson Davis (Against the Wall, Saving Grace).

For more information on the WGAW’s Committee of Women Writers, please contact the WGAW Diversity Department at (323) 782-4589 or email: Diversity with “CWW” in the subject line.