The Hotlist: March 2013
A Guide to the Web’s Most Cutting Edge New Media Content

Compiled by Elliot Feldman 

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The Hotspot 
The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract. 


Backwash is a 13-episode Web series on Sony's Crackle online network. The series was created by actor Josh Malina (The West Wing) and director Danny Leiner (Harold and Kumar). The plotline revolves around three losers, one played by Malina, on the lam from criminals. Series guest stars have included Jon Hamm, Allison Janney, and Hank Azaria.

Flying Kebab
Created by Brazilian photographer/filmmaker Matheus Sequeira, Flying Kebab is a semi-autobiographical series of short online videos. The main character is Nando, a photographer who goes in search of his inheritance in Lebanon.

The Louise Log
Producer/director Anne Flournoy describes her Web series The Louise Log as "confessions of a New York City wife and mother." It consists of 36 one-to-five minute episodes. Louise is played with "Brooklyn hilarity" by Christine Cook. The series also includes a behind-the-scenes blog.

MeVIO describes its network of mostly podcast content as "personality-driven, episodic, short format entertainment." They offer "45 shows in production." Podcast topics include games and technology, comedy, health and fitness, sports, and "guy stuff." The prime movers behind MeVIO include MTV personality Adam Curry and technology maven John C. Dvorak.


Comics by Sam Alden
Portland, Oregon-based cartoonist Sam Alden presents his beautifully conceived series of comics via the blogging platform Tumblr.

Surviving the World
Surviving the World describes itself as a "Photo-comic Education by Dante Shepherd." It's an unusual mix: part photography, one-box comic, and part blog. A research scientist by profession, Shepherd further describes the photo-comic's content as "daily lessons in Science, Literature, Love, and Life."

FreakAngels is a weekly Web comic by British science fiction writer Warren Ellis and illustrator Paul Duffield. Ellis describes it as "retro-punk" and "near future steam-punk." It consists of six beautifully rendered full-color comic pages each week. The characters survive in a "post-flood London."

PhD Comics
PhD Comics, also known as "Piled Higher and Deeper," is about "life (or the lack thereof) in academia. Since the mid-‘90s, Jorge Cham's cartoons have appeared in 50 college newspapers including Stanford and Caltech. On the Web site, there is an extensive archive of comics past and present, as well as a full-length The PhD Movie.

THRILLBENT is a digital comics Web site created by comics writer ("Daredevil") Mark Waid and television producer (Leverage on TNT) John Rogers. THRILLBENT includes six digital comic titles such as Insufferable, City of the Dead, and Luther.


An Amaz-ing Resume - Philippe Dubost
Paris-based Web Product Manager Philippe Dubost has created a highly unusual and hilarious online resume that emulates a typical Amazon product page. His resume was so successful that it had attracted over a million visitors in 2012. A typical entry on the page: "Ships from Paris, France. Gift-wrap available (frustration-free breathable packaging)."

CYBER-LEARNING describes itself as a "curated collection of more than 10,000 free and pay-for-view videos" including TED-like talks, debates, and discussions sponsored by respected authorities such as The Atlantic magazine, The Long Now Foundation, and National Geographic magazine. Subscriber-based has also been described as "Netflix dedicated to teaching people stuff."

Babbleabout is a blog about "children's books, children's learning, and children's play." Parents and children's book enthusiasts can search for children's book reviews by a child's age group, by author and/or illustrator, or by book subject. The blog is in association with publisher Random House Children's Books.

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