The Hotlist: June 2013
A Guide to the Web’s Most Cutting Edge New Media Content

Compiled by Elliot Feldman 

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The Hotspot 
The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract. 

Kill Spin

Kill Spin is a 10-episode Web-only drama-comedy created, written and directed by Ryan Wise and produced by Big Fantastic. The series is "about a young girl's search for her father which leads her to an old rundown ping pong hall in Seattle." It was initially made for social shopping network Lockerz.

Webmonkey is a longstanding "web developer's resource" giving "tips and advice for designing and building websites and programming web applications." The tutorial content is geared to beginners as well as professionals. It was originally a part of Wired Online and is now part of publisher Conde Nast.


PBS Digital Studios
PBS Digital Studios offers original online-only series on its YouTube page. At last count, there have been 17 original programs launched by a two or three person developer team. Their goal is "to engage a new generation of viewers" for PBS.
Andrew Zimmern is the James Beard Award-winning host of the Travel Channel series, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. His Web site,, goes beyond being the web companion to his TV series. The site's original content includes recipes, cooking videos, and editorials. Zimmern describes his Web site's goal as being "to entertain and educate food-lovers on the web."

American standup comic Chris Hardwick is best known as the former MTV dating show host of Singled Out. began as Hardwick's companion Web site for his popular The Nerdist comedy-variety podcast as well as for his recently launched BBC America series based on the podcast.


Brain Pickings
Brain Pickings is Wired UK writer Maria Popova's brilliant blog that mostly explores all aspects of creativity and culture. The New York Times describes it as "an emporium of ideas, a blog, a newsletter, and a Twitter feed." They also describe it as "an attempt to create a 21st Century library."


Flipboard is an app geared for Android and iOS mobile device platforms. It is an aggregator that allows users to create their own magazine. Multimedia content includes articles, video, and other entries from the internet.


Nothing But a Movie describes itself as "an HTLM5 experience" inspired by "The Colonel's Son," a Roberto Bolano short story originally published in literary magazine Granta. Sponsored by Granta, Nothing But a Movie is presented online as a dramatically rendered animated short graphic novel.

Dreams of Your Life
Dreams of Your Life is the interactive multimedia companion Web site to Carol Morley's documentary Dreams of a Life. It's about the mysterious 2003 death of singer Joyce Vincent in London. The website was developed by social games creator Hide And Seek. The visual experience was designed by photographer Lottie Davies.

ArchetypeMe can best be described as a social network aimed at shoppers. It aims to personalize the shopping experience for each user by asking questions to determine individual patterns of behavior or "archetypes." This is an unusual concept, using Jungian psychology, for marketing purposes.


Street Pictures can be described as an online portfolio of works by multimedia artist Ruth Sergel. She is best known for "Chalk", her New York City public art project commemorating the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in the Lower East Side.

CARTOON MACHINE is the online portfolio of funny comics from Canadian artist Mike Winters. The comedy focus is often aimed at Winters' hometown of Edmonton, Alberta.

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