WGAW Guild Screenings Rules
  1. All WGAW Members (Current, Post-Current, Associate, Associate Caucus) in Active Status are eligible to attend The Guild Screenings at the Writers Guild Theater for FREE. Your screening privileges are contingent upon your membership in the Guild. In the event your WGAW membership goes in arrears, you withdraw, or become automatically withdrawn, you will no longer receive screening notices.
  2. Your WGAW Membership card is required for admittance to all Guild Screenings. Membership cards may be used ONLY by the member to whom it was issued, plus TWO GUESTS (ages 3 and up). No other family member may use a member’s card. Upon request, a photo I.D. must also be shown as well. If you are asked, and you cannot produce both cards, you will be refused admittance.
  3. Children must be 16 and over to attend R-Rated films.
  4. Doors will be closed promptly when the screening begins. Latecomers will have to come back for a later screening.
  5. The use of cell phones, email devices, and texting in the theater is strictly prohibited. We ask that all cell phones and electronic devices be turned off prior to the beginning of the film. In the event of pre-release screenings, cameras, camera phones or other recording devices are NOT permitted into the theater.
  6. Anyone found guilty of raucous behavior (talking back to the screen, etc.) will be suspended from The Guild Screenings. Noisy or crying children must be removed from the theater. We must insist on civilized decorum at these screenings, if we want to continue to receive films from the studios.
  7. There is NO smoking or outside food permitted in the theater at any time. This includes gum, candy, etc. Only popcorn purchased in the lobby and clear water bottles will be allowed into the theater.
  8. We ask that all of our members exercise care in their handling and return of 3D glasses. We would like to ensure that there are a sufficient number of 3D glasses available for all screening times.

We are excited to welcome all of you, but if these rules do not meet with your complete approval or convenience, please do not attend The Guild Screenings. The purpose of our rules is to make our screenings a good experience for all members. A violation of any of these rules can result in the suspension of your screening privileges.