The Craft of Writing for Film and Television: 2013

December 20: Hungry Like The Wolf
TERENCE WINTER chronicles his tenacious climb from unknown law school grad to sitcom writer to Boardwalk Empire creator and scribe behind the new white-collar crime saga The Wolf of Wall Street.

December 13: Rust and Revenge
SCOTT COOPER opens up about the deep, personal losses that fueled Out of the Furnace, a tragic tale of brotherly fidelity set amid the rusting steel mills of Pennsylvania.

November 27: Jane Austen, Video Blogger
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ BERNIE SU explains how he helped turn Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice into a hit, Emmy-winning Web series that raised nearly half a million dollars through the power of crowdfunding.

November 18: A Song of Harlem
After six years out of the spotlight, KASI LEMMONS returns with an adaptation of Black Nativity, the hit musical by legendary Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes.

November 1: They Liked to Watch
Masters of Sex creator MICHELLE ASHFORD explains why, more than a half century after Masters and Johnson began their groundbreaking research on human sexuality, the subject is still a complete mystery.

October 18: Lessons from Mom
GEMMA BAKER, co-creator of the new CBS sitcom Mom, talks about the challenge of trying to make addiction funny and what she’s learned from über-showrunner Chuck Lorre.

October 11: A Sailor’s Lament
J.C. CHANDOR forgoes the use of dialogue to script the harrowing story of a lone man at war with nature and himself in All is Lost.

October 4: Floating Weightless, Coming Home
Some might call Gravity science fiction, but ALFONSO & JONÁS CUARÓN, the father and son writing team behind the new space thriller, describe the film as a metaphorical journey grounded in realism.

September 20: Prison Break
Four years after The Black List pronounced Prisoners one of Hollywood’s best unproduced scripts, AARON GUZIKOWSKI’s terrifying tale of a father’s desperate search for his missing daughter finally sees the light of day.

September 13: Telenovela
On the new FX crime drama The Bridge, co-exec producer ELWOOD REID takes a novelistic approach to the story of two very different detectives brought together by a murder on the U.S.-Mexico border.

August 30: Guided by Voices
JILL SOLOWAY lets her characters guide her in the writing of her directorial debut feature Afternoon Delight, an offbeat hipster comedy with a surprising psychosexual twist.

August 16: Diablo On Demand
DIABLO CODY talks about Paradise, her directorial debut on DirecTV VOD about a young Christian woman suffering through a crisis of faith, and how motherhood has changed her as a writer.

August 2: The Power of Now
Can The Spectacular Now bring back the kind of classic, relatable high school movies that John Hughes and Cameron Crowe wrote in the ‘80s? SCOTT NEUSTADTER & MICHAEL WEBER hope so.

July 12: Focused on Family
Some might find The Fosters, ABC Family’s new drama about an interracial lesbian couple raising a mix of multi-ethnic children, controversial, but creators PETER PAIGE & BRADLEY BREDEWEG say any debate takes a backseat when it comes the writing.

June 20: Hammer of the Gods
Vikings’ MICHAEL HIRST explains why he writes every episode of History’s new hit drama himself and recalls how a single conversation changed his life forever.

May 24: Frances Flawed
NOAH BAUMBACH & GRETA GERWIG elevate the ordinary with their intimate portrait of the funny, confused, and all too human Frances Ha.

May 17: Portrait of a Young Lady
Nearly two decades after scripting What Maisie Knew with writing partner Nancy Doyne, CARROLL CARTWRIGHT reflects on what inspired him to “reimagine” the Henry James novel and why its story still resonates more than a century later.

May 10: It’s a Matter of Taste
BRYAN FULLER, showrunner of NBC’s new acclaimed series Hannibal, dishes on what made him want to take on everyone’s favorite brain-eating sociopath and where the show draws the line when it comes to its bloody, graphic violence.

May 3: Second Banana
ARMANDO IANNUCCI, the heralded writer-director behind the hit British shows The Day Today and The Thick of It, brings his gift for political satire to this side of the pond with the HBO comedy Veep.

April 12: Fisherman’s Blue
BRIAN HELGELAND draws on his fisherman’s up-before-dawn, seven-days-a-week work ethic to script 42, the story of legendary Brooklyn Dodger and civil rights icon Jackie Robinson.

March 29: The Sins of the Father
DEREK CIANFRANCE, BEN COCCIO, and DARIUS MARDER embark on an ambitious meditation about the true nature of violence, the epic triptych The Place Beyond the Pines.

March 22: A Boy’s Best Friend
Is CARLTON CUSE psycho? The ex-Lost showrunner tells The Craft how he and Kerry Ehrin conceived Bates Motel, A&E’s new original series prequel to the ‘60s Hitchcock classic, and why he likens Norman Bates and his mother to a romantic comedy couple.

March 7: Playing the Spy Card
Where does FX’s new spy drama The Americans get its intel about Cold War-era espionage? It helps to have a former CIA agent like JOE WEISBERG as a showrunner.

February 15: God Is in the Details
DAVID MAGEE recounts the incredible journey he took with Ang Lee from Chinatown to Maine to southern India to adapt the screenplay for Life of Pi.

February 1: Keeping It Real
Arrow showrunners MARC GUGGENHEIM & ANDREW KREISBERG reflect on the reasons behind a recent sea change in superhero storytelling and how they achieve a balance between geeky fandom and emotional truth.

January 25: How The Kingdom Came
WES ANDERSON & ROMAN COPPOLA recall their collaborative process in scripting Moonrise Kingdom and explain why, for them, writing dialogue is like a musical experience.

January 18: Making Sense of Things
Homicide detective-turned-screenwriter WILL BEALL explains why the filmmakers of Gangster Squad decided to reshoot a key sequence after last year’s tragic Aurora, Colorado shooting and reflects on the difference between screen and real-life violence.

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