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News Release: April 9, 2014
WGAW Response to Today’s Hearing on the Proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger 

“Acquiring Time Warner Cable may be in Comcast's best interest, but it is not in the public interest. Do not be fooled by the effort to sell this merger. It creates a media superpower that will control a huge chunk of the cable and Internet market, allowing Comcast to use its dominance to favor its own services and limit video competition. Conditions will not mitigate the harm caused by this deal. While the company is already required to follow net neutrality rules as a condition of its ill-advised merger with NBCU, it has not stopped Comcast from engaging in anticompetitive behavior. Comcast has given preferential treatment to its own Internet video content and used its control over a substantial portion of Internet subscribers to create interconnection disputes that harm competing video services. Why green light yet another merger that could prove even more destructive?”