The Hotlist: June 2014
A Guide to the Web’s Most Cutting Edge New Media Content

Compiled by Elliot Feldman

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The Hotspot 
The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract. 


Dark Prophet is a multi-platform live-action dramatic Web series created by Evette Vargas with support from NBC Universal. Cast members include Henry Rollins and Josh Meyers. Vargas has stated, "I've basically created an hour TV pilot and one full season of a Web series simultaneously."

Window was created by artist Katharine Norman as an "interactive sound essay" tribute to legendary composer and sound artist John Cage. The multimedia elements of this piece include audio poetry, ambient sound compositions, and photos. Users can not only explore the work, but also remix the soundscapes on their own.


Smosh is a Web-based comedy duo consisting of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. On three separate occasions, Smosh started as a comedy sketch YouTube channel. It was selected as the most subscribed YouTube channel on three separate occasions. Smosh then became a Web site with added features including animations and video game parodies.

Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later
Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later is a video spoof of the Harry Potter film franchise created by and starring Matt DeNoto. Viewers can choose to watch it as a movie or as an eight part series.


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is an award-winning webcomic by artist Zach Weinersmith. The comic has been online in various formats since 2002.


Peter Brantley is the Director of the Bookserver Project at the venerable Internet Archive, a non-profit online library. Brantley describes his blog "Shimenawa" as seeking "to advance the use of network-based communications and media." Its content focus is on the future of libraries, particularly their convergence with online and mobile technologies.

If: book
If: book is a group blog written by staff members of The Institute for the Future of the Book, self-described as "a New York-based think tank dedicated to inventing new forms of discourse for the network age." They support publishing experiments by authors, academics, artists and programmers across multiple technology platforms.

Teleread is an in-depth daily blog devoted to "news & views on e-books, libraries, publishing, and related topics." Juli Monroe is the editor-in-chief.

Joe Wikert's Digital Content Strategies
Joe Wikert is a former top executive at major technology publisher O'Reilly Media. His blog focuses on news and views regarding publishing trends as well as multimedia content technology platforms.


Creative Capital - Investing in Artists Who Shape the Future
Former publisher of "Independent Film and Video Monthly" Ruby Lerner is the founder and executive director of Creative Capital, a non-profit venture capital entity aimed at supporting artists by providing grants and advisory services. Since 1999, they've given $29 million in grants to 529 artists, and their Professional Development Program has reached 6500 artists. Lerner created this group in part to support artists affected by cutbacks to the National Endowment for the Arts. Grantees have included musician Nick Cave and multimedia artists The Yes Men.

TAXI - The Global Creative Network
TAXI is a Singapore-based multimedia design Web site and Twitter feed offering news of the international art world, artist competitions, artist portfolios, and design events. Forbes has called it one of "the Top 5 Sites for keeping up with creativity and design." Time has called it one of the "Best Twitter Feeds." The Web site also features its Creative Finder section, a social media community for designers and photographers. And there's The Bazaar, TAXI's marketing platform for artists.


Boy Genius Report
Boy Genius Report (or BGR) started out as an "anonymous" technology column at the Engadget Web site. After scooping various important technology launches before their official release dates, the "boy genius" was eventually outed as then 18-year-old Jonathan S. Geller. In 2010, Geller made BGR an independent blog that was later bought for multi-millions by Penske Media, owners of Variety entertainment daily and


The Drum
The Drum is both a print and online business magazine covering multimedia marketing and digital media businesses from a UK perspective.

Vox was started by Ezra Klein, a former executive with The Washington Post, who brought with him a team of other young writers from the Post. It is a part of Vox Media, which also includes technology website The Verge and Curbed, a group of regional localized news sites. Vox describes itself as "a general interest news site for the 21st century."

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