The WGAW Writers Training Program 
Article 38.F. of the WGA Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA)

E-mail: Diversity

The WGAW Writers Training program is a self-placement initiative available to Non-WGA members who are members of a protected class.

Such individuals can utilize the terms of the Writers Training Program as stated in the MBA if they are able to obtain employment on a television show. The trainee rates under Article 38.F.2 are as follows:

$969/week – effective 5/2/14 to 5/1/15

$998/week – effective 5/2/15 to 5/1/16

$1,028/week – effective 5/2/16 to 5/1/17

Employment is for 6 weeks, with the possibility of an additional 14 week renewal.

The WGA is not able to obtain placements for this program and does not accept resumes for the program.

Further questions can be addressed to the Diversity Department.