2014 MBA

This is the collective bargaining agreement which covers most of the work done by WGA writers.

Schedule of Minimums

This schedule covers the entire term of the 2014 Basic Agreement, but is not the total contract.

Contracts Contracts-Related Rights
Excerpt Payments
Late Pay
Protect Yourself Against Free Rewrites
Reacquisition Form
Reality TV and Game Show (.pdf)
TV Series Checklist (.pdf)
Understanding Separated Rights

Additional Contracts
Documentary Screenplay Contract (Note: Application filing required)
Low Budget Agreement (Note: Application filing required)
Informational Program Contract
Standard Form Freelance Television Writer's Employment (.doc)
Standard Theatrical Contract
Standard TV Contract
Writer's Collaboration Agreement (.pdf)

Agency Contract / Rider W (.pdf)
WGA Artists' Manager Basic Agreement of 1976 (.pdf)

Credits Forms
New Media Notice of Tentative Writing Credits (.pdf)
Theatrical Notice of Tentative Writing Credits (.pdf)
Television Notice of Tentative Writing Credits (.pdf)
Application to Collaborate - Television (.doc)
Certificate of Compliance - Television (.doc)

New Media
Sideletter on Literary Material Written for Programs Made for New Media (.pdf)

News and Promotional Writing
2013-2016 WGA-CBS Tentative Agreement Summary (.pdf)
2010-2013 WGA-CBS National Staff Agreement (.pdf)
2010-2013 Los Angeles Supplement to the WGA CBS National Staff Agreement (.pdf)
2011 Eyelab Web Writer Producer Agreement (.pdf)
2011 KCBS/KCAL Web Writers Agreement (.pdf)
2011 KNX Webwriters Agreement (.pdf)

Public Televison
2014 WGA-PBS Memorandum of Agreement (.pdf)
2010-2014 WGA-PBS Freelance Agreement Schedule of Minimums (.pdf)
2010 WGA-PBS Freelance Agreement (.pdf)
2010-2014 WGA-PBS Full Summary (.pdf)
2005 WGA-WGBH Public Television Freelance Agreement (.pdf)

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