This committee seeks to enhance the visibility of Latino writers in the industry to elevate their status and increase their participation. It also attempts to fight pervasive stereotypes about Latinos – in front of and behind the cameras. Since Latinos come from many different national backgrounds, a bonus derived from the committee's work has been increased understanding among the various cultures represented.

The committee works hard to fulfill its mission statement and to that end has sponsored several high-profile events including: yearly "Think Tanks" where specific topics are explored including how studio executives of color succeed in the industry; pitch panels with agents, producers, writers and executives at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival; and the annual Diversity Month Celebration with the Guild's Asian American Writers Committee and Committee of Black Writers. One of the committee's major achievements was to establish Film and Television Writing Categories at the ALMA Awards for the first time in 2002. The committee has also represented the Guild at the annual dinners of Latino organizations such as the National Hispanic Media Coalition, Imagen Awards, and Golden Eagle Awards.

Chair: Daniel Dominguez
Vice Chair: Evette Vargas
Staff Liaison: Tony Velarde
Department Email: Diversity