Organizing Reality TV

Why We Fight
    Patric M. Verrone on why WGAw members aren't Mamelukes.

Going Public With Reality Organizing
    WGAw President Daniel Petrie Jr. says, "Over the next months, your Guild
    will work actively and aggressively to bring the benefits of a WGA contract
    to these storytellers."

A History of the Reality Organizing Campaign
    Organizing Director David Young gives us his perspective on the
    strategy behind the reality campaign.

How Reality TV Works
    WGA member Dave Rupel gives us the lowdown on how 'unscripted'
    television actually gets made.

"Reality Writer"
    A reality writer takes us inside a reality show, describing what it's
    really like and how the shows are created.

Looking to the Future
    J.F. Lawton proposes bringing all storytellers into the Guild.

God and Woman at America's Next Top Model
    John Bowman finds religion -- one of society's central conflicts -- up
    front on reality TV.

A Day in the Life of a Reality TV Writer
    J. Ryan Stradel makes clear that reality story producers do, in fact,
    write (really).

The Real History of Reality TV
    WGAw Assistant Executive Director Charles B. Slocum on how
   Queen For a Day became Extreme Makeover.

Reality Organizing Campaign Updates