Please Support Our Campaign to Win Industry Standards for the Writers of FremantleMedia Shows

AWC We are WGAW members and story producers who serve on the Network Organizing Committee (N.O.C.). We call on all WGAW members and supporters to demand that FremantleMedia North America, Inc. (Fremantle) respect its writers. The company and its subsidiary production companies are abusing writers by refusing to provide industry-standard compensation and benefits.

Fremantle's business model is to produce relatively inexpensive, popular US programming--such as the lucrative The Price is Right and American Idol--while refusing to offer decent wages and benefits. For example, on Fremantle's Temptation, writers were required to work excessive hours in order to produce 170 shows in 16 weeks. They did not receive health insurance, pensions, residuals or appropriate credits. Temptation is a blatant example of Fremantle's disrespectful treatment of professional writers. We will not soon forget how writers were treated on this show.

We have repeatedly approached Fremantle and demanded that it comply with the standards that employees in the entertainment industry have a right to expect.  So far, we have been disrespected, disparaged, delayed and denied.

Because of this disrespect, we are circulating a petition among writers urging WGAW members and supporters to refuse work with Fremantle and its subsidiaries. We are also planning several public demonstrations to protest Fremantle's mistreatment of writers. We want Fremantle to know that WGAW members demand respect for its writers.

How You Can Help

• Please read & add your name to the Fremantle petition. If you would like to pledge your support, simply fill in your name and e-mail address, then click on submit.

• Forward this URL to your network of friends and colleagues in the writing community and ask them to do the same.

• The letter will be delivered to FremantleMedia and may be printed in the trades or used by other media.

In Solidarity,
WGAW Network Organizing Committee