Reality Organizing Campaign

On May 2005 more than 500 reality storytellers came out for what became a standing room only event at the WGA Theater - these reality editors and writers were lining up to get involved in the Guild's campaign to organize reality television. Since that meeting, many hundreds of reality writers and editors have signed authorization cards giving the WGAW the legal right to demand industry recognition of the union as their representative in collective bargaining.

Recognition of reality writers' and editors' right to organize will not happen without a fight. The Guild has launched an industry-wide campaign to win recognition for our fellow storytellers working in reality television. We invite you to learn more about the reality organizing drive by reading about why we fight for the rights of reality writers.

Want to get involved? Contact (323) 782-4511 or go to

Campaign Updates
ANTM writers picket to secure WGAW contract. (2 min., 8-2-06)

WGAW Files Suit on Behalf of Reality Writers
Guild Files Suit on Behalf of Fox Reality Storytellers
Primetime Writers and Executive Producers Support Reality Organizing Drive
Rocket Science Lawsuit (570kb .pdf)
Paystubs (693 .pdf)
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