"Reality" TV writers, WGA and other unions rally at CBS TV City for better working conditions on American Idol. 

 Intervention’s Dan Partland explains how the show’s written and why it's WGA-covered. 

 Screenwriter Jay Wolpert explains why game shows should be covered. 

 American Idol Truth Tour Kick-Off 

 American Idol Truth Tour Wraps in the Big Apple 

 Over 500 WGA members and supporters rally outside Fremantle. 

 Actress Alfre Woodard speaks out in support of reality writers. 


Idol Contestant Says Everything Is Rigged
An American Idol season 8 semi-finalist speaks out against the reality show competition, claiming it's rigged. (PopEater) 

Why Reality Writers Ought to be in the Guild
WGA member Paul Haggis gives us “The Reality of Reality and Animation.”

WGA Bargains 4 More at Comedy Central
The Hollywood Reporter article about the Comedy Central writers' successful effort to win WGA agreements. (Hollywood Reporter) 

"Reality Writer"
A reality writer takes us inside a reality show, describing what it's really like and how the shows are created.

Unscripted does not mean Unwritten
J. Ryan Stradal makes clear that reality story producers do, in fact, write (really).

The Real History of Reality TV
WGAW Assistant Executive Director Charles B. Slocum on how Queen For a Day became Extreme Makeover.