The Craft of Writing for Film and Television: 2007

November 28:   Love, Omniscience, and the Harwood Hard Stop
Love in the Time of Cholera's RONALD HARWOOD on unrequited love and the power and process of a successful rewrite.

November 2:   The Devil Is in the Dialogue
KELLY MASTERSON counted his blessings when his first script Before the Devil Knows You're Dead got made, but it took seven years before the former theology student's prayers were answered.

October 26:   Brothers' Keeper
Creator BLAKE MASTERS outlines the process, passed down to him from generations of TV writers, for breaking stories on his critically acclaimed show Brotherhood.

October 19:   Catching Fire
Things We Lost in the Fire 's ALLAN LOEB is one of Hollywood's hottest screenwriters. So why does he think he should have called it quits years ago?

October 19:   Night Writer
JAMES GRAY makes use of vivid memories of a Queens childhood and Russian-immigrant grandparents to color his new film We Own the Night.

October 12:   Bright Lights, Small Town
Executive Producer JASON KATIMS goes deep to explain why the critically acclaimed, Peabody-winning series Friday Night Lights is about way more than football.

October 5:   Heart Smart
ALLISON BURNETT, adapter of Charles Baxter's Feast of Love, speaks on the difference between writing specs and adaptations and how to script romance without the sap.

September 28:   A Survivor's Story
With Trade, a complex, heart-wrenching look at the trafficking of human beings, JOSE RIVERA exposes the slavery in our midst.

September 28:   The Thinker
The Kingdom's MATTHEW MICHAEL CARNAHAN makes the move from Beltway brain trust to Hollywood neophyte with a little help from his big brother.

September 14:   Promises to Keep
Five years after scripting Kissing Jessica Stein, actress-writer JENNIFER WESTFELDT returns to ponder the truth of modern marriage with her new romantic comedy Ira & Abby.

September 7:   Action is Character
Shoot 'Em Up's MICHAEL DAVIS illustrates why big-budget computer-generated effects are no substitute for good old-fashioned character development.

August 31:   Keeping Their Balls in the Air
Reno 911's THOMAS LENNON and BEN GARANT take total ownership of their new Ping-Pong-driven parody Balls of Fury.

August 24:   Sex, Lies and Californication
Like his libidinous protagonist in the new series Californication, creator TOM KAPINOS suffered from writer's block, but Kapinos didn't find his cure in the bedroom.

August 17:   It's Funnier With People
Superbad's writing team SETH ROGEN and EVAN GOLDBERG get serious (sorta) about breaking down their philosophy on what's funny.

August 10:   In the Company of Writers
KEN NOLAN, writer of The Company, a six-hour television miniseries about the history of the CIA, illustrates why, in spite what you've heard, sometimes it pays to write long.

August 3:   Feel the Burn
MATT NIX, creator of USA Network's new spy thriller Burn Notice, explains why, when it comes to maintaining conflict, TV holds the dramatic edge over features.

July 20:   Pump Up the Volume
Genre-crosser LESLIE DIXON transforms the indie film-turned-Broadway show Hairspray into a modern movie musical.

July 13:   A Magical Spell
MICHAEL GOLDENBERG gets the rare opportunity to enter J.K. Rowling's world of Muggles and wizards with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

June 29:   The Seven Year Itch
ERIC BRESS and J. MACKYE GRUBER, co-creators of the iPod-friendly ABC hit Kyle XY, recall their long climb to working writer status and forecast the future of writing for the really small screen.

June 22:   Final Acts
A Mighty Heart's JOHN ORLOFF imparts the crucial lessons learned from journalist Daniel Pearl's tragic death.

June 15:   Fire and Ice
PETER TOLAN discusses the yin and yang of writing partnership with Denis Leary on the hit FX show Rescue Me.

June 8:   His Next Wave
Acclaimed “surf-noir” novelist KEM NUNN teams with Deadwood's David Milch to create HBO's new paranormal surf drama John from Cincinnati.

June 1:   No More Mr. Nice Guys
BRUCE A. EVANS and RAYNOLD GIDEON set aside the family fare to script a new kind of serial killer in Mr. Brooks.

May 18:   Family Ties
Creator JON ROBIN BAITZ finds new ways to father the collaborative process on ABC's hit drama Brothers & Sisters.

May 11:   Farewell to The King
As TV's longest currently running live-action sitcom prepares for its final curtain, co-creator DAVID LITT reflects on the life of The King of Queens.

April 27:   The Screenwriter as God
KEN MARINO, writer and star of the heartfelt, coming-of-age dramedy Diggers, has three words for actors who like to change their lines: “Respect the writer.”

April 27:   Out of the Past
With his NBC whodunit series Raines, creator GRAHAM YOST tips his fedora to classic L.A. film noir while adding a fresh twist.

April 20:   A Family Affair
JONATHAN KASDAN steps out of the shadow of his father Lawrence and brother Jake and into the limelight with his first feature In the Land of Women.

April 13:   Murder In Their Hearts
Lonely Hearts' TODD ROBINSON chose a famous crime story that he knew well for his first feature as a writer-director, one solved by his own grandfather.

April 13:   Labor of Love
With her new ABC mid-season replacement Notes from the Underbelly, STACY TRAUB exposes the ugly and funny sides of pregnancy.

March 23:   From Russia to Riches
Creator DMITRY LIPKIN observes the American Dream through the eyes of outsiders in the new FX show The Riches.

March 16:   Those Were the Days
On the sophomore standout How I Met Your Mother, creators CARTER BAYS and CRAIG THOMAS use the past to push sitcoms into the future.

March 9:   What’s In a Name?
The Namesake’s SOONI TARAPOREVALA works on the margins of both the American and Indian film industries, which is just where she likes to be.

March 2:   The Messiness of Life and Death
JAMES VANDERBILT sticks to the awful truth to capture the raw reality of a serial killer in Zodiac.

February 23:   Rocket Boys
Veering from an established course of eccentric indies, MARK AND MICHAEL POLISH hope to launch The Astronaut Farmer into the stratosphere.

February 16:   Hooked on a Feeling
Music and Lyrics' MARC LAWRENCE writes the words that make the whole world sing (and swoon and laugh and cry).

February 9:   A Girl in a Man's World
Sports fan BETSY THOMAS assembles her winning team to create TBS' freshman comedy My Boys.

February 2:   Mommy & Me
KAREN LEIGH HOPKINS and JESSIE NELSON examine their own maternal bonds to tell the story of a matchmaking mother in Because I Said So.

February 2:   Smokin' Joe
Smokin' Aces' JOE CARNAHAN sets the critics in his crosshairs and fires back at those who mention the “T” word.

January 26:   Rome's Architect
Co-creator BRUNO HELLER walks the fine line between history and fiction in constructing HBO's ambitious series Rome.

January 19:   We Could Be Heroes
What happens when ordinary people find themselves endowed with extraordinary power? On NBC's freshman drama Heroes, creator TIM KRING digs deep to find out.

January 12:   Songs Without Music
After three decades of acclaim on stage, Tony Award-winner RICHARD MALTBY JR. finally brings his writing talents to the screen with Miss Potter.

January 5:   In the Garden of Good and Evil
Writer-director GUILLERMO DEL TORO follows a clear moral compass to wend his way through the gothic deconstructionist fairy tale Pan's Labyrinth.

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