Committee of Black Writers

This committee represents the interests of Black writers and sponsors events designed to increase knowledge of the craft and the marketplace, such as intensive pitching workshops and networking showcases. The Committee's events are open to all Guild members, offering forums that foster networking, collaboration, education, employment opportunities and creative expression while seeking to improve the profile and perception of African-American writers in the industry. Some of the events this committee has sponsored include the successful "State of the Pilot Process," which galvanized writers from all backgrounds around the issue of producing scripted programming in the current climate of vertical integration; their on-going collaborations between the DGA's African-American Steering Committee, and the WGA's tri-committee National Diversity Month Celebration co-sponsored with the Latino Writers Committee and the Asian-American Writers Committee.

Co-Chairs: Michelle Amor, Amy Aniobi, Christopher Derrick, Benjamin Jones, Lena Waithe
Staff Liaison: Tery Lopez
Department E-Mail: Diversity  


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