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News Release: September 20, 2005
WGAw Officer and Board Election Results

LOS ANGELES -- Patric M. Verrone, David N. Weiss, Elias Davis, and their slate of eight Writers United board candidates have been decisively swept into the leadership of the Writers Guild of America, west (WGAw). In one of the highest turnouts ever for the Guild, Verrone was elected President with a resounding 68% of the vote, and the rest of his slate followed suit, winning their seats by roughly a two-to-one margin. The lowest vote recipient from the Writers United slate beat out the next highest vote recipient by over five hundred votes.

Stated Verrone: "Our slate clearly selected a campaign platform -- organizing the creative community to better bargain with media companies -- that resonated with writers. This is one of the few times in Hollywood history that the leadership of a creative union has entered office with such a decisive mandate."

"We turned our core message of organizing into action during the campaign. Using grass-root organizing techniques, we developed a system of team captains with responsibility for educating ten voters apiece; we personally met with over nine hundred Guild members; and we accumulated an unprecedented roster of nearly five hundred endorsements, including some of the most influential writers in Hollywood.

"We look forward to running the Guild the way we ran our campaign. First, we will move to dramatically expand the Guild's organizing department and research staff. Second, we will institute a membership communication system so that every Guild member will be one step away from a board member at all times. Third, we will open lines of direct dialogue with the new leadership of the Writers Guild East and with all our other sister entertainment guilds.

"Our pledges as candidates are now our goals as elected leaders. We plan to organize and empower our existing membership. We plan to expand our membership to cover as many working writers in this industry as possible, regardless of the title given them by their employers. And we plan to work side by side with our fellow Guilds so that the creative wing of this industry can have an increasingly powerful voice in this ever-evolving business."

Mr. Weiss will serve as Vice President and Mr. Davis as Secretary-Treasurer. Their running mates, Scott Frank, Robert King, Peter Lefcourt, Joan Meyerson, Phil Alden Robinson, Howard A. Rodman, Tom Schulman, and Dan Wilcox, will join them on the board and provide a working majority that will enable them to implement their ambitious agenda.

Added Mr. Verrone, "We owe a debt of gratitude to the hundreds of members who supported us in this campaign. We look forward to working closely with the eight other, sitting Board members. We also want to assure all members that there is plenty of room in the Guild for the service and abilities of the hard-working and devoted men and women who ran for an office or board seat but were not elected. This campaign showcased the depth of talent available to us to create the next generation of Writers Guild leadership. We expect to find meaningful roles for everyone."

NUMERICAL RESULTS: President: Patric M. Verrone (1301, 68.8%), Vice President: David N. Weiss (1256, 65.5%), Secretary-Treasurer: Elias Davis (1227, 65.7%). Board of Directors: Phil Alden Robinson (1425), Scott Frank (1355), Tom Schulman (1305), Peter Lefcourt (1303), Joan Meyerson (1283), Howard A. Rodman (1243), Robert King (1163), Dan Wilcox (1157). The one-year term board seat of newly-elected Vice President David N. Weiss will be filled by Melissa Rosenberg (646). The Officers and Board members will serve for a term of two years, effective immediately.

Other results: Candidates for officers: President: Ted Elliott (591), Vice President: Carl Gottlieb (661), Secretary-Treasurer: Irma Kalish (642). Candidates for members of the Board of Directors: Tim O'Donnell (576), Don M. Mankiewicz (552), Dan McDermott (510), Steve Chivers (478), Doug Eboch (408), Mike Langworthy (379), Eric Heisserer (348), David S. Weiss (212).

A total of 2012 valid ballots were cast. The ballot count was supervised by Robbin Johnson of Pacific Election Services Inc., an independent firm.