Viewing the Cut

(January 1996)

Writers of theatrical motion pictures, television pilots, movies-of-the-week and miniseries must be invited to view a cut of the film; your help is essential to make sure this right is fully enjoyed.

For theatrical motion pictures, a "Writer's Viewing Period" has been established for each participating writer. As the circumstances of each motion picture are different, no specific trigger is set for the viewing period (e.g., delivery of a specific cut); rather the rule is that each writer must be given an opportunity to view the cut far enough in advance so that the writer's suggestions could be implemented if they were approved. An inadvertent failure to invite a writer to view a cut is not a breach of the Basic Agreement, therefore it is essential the Company be reminded of the writer's right. Please inquire of the Company when the writer's viewing will occur on a given film (or the Guild will do so at your request). Receipt of the Notice of Tentative Writing Credits is a good indicator the film has completed production and the viewing period is forthcoming. Each writer need not have the same viewing period.

For pilots, movies-of-the-week and miniseries, the writer must be invited to view the director's cut, either immediately prior to, at, or immediately following the Company's viewing. If the Company receives a videocassette copy of the cut (instead of a screening), the writer shall simultaneously receive a videocassette copy. If that cut is to be discussed at a meeting, the most recent participating writer shall be invited to that meeting, and the producer shall remain available to receive the comments of each writer.

In addition, all writers of theatrical motion pictures must be invited to the first sneak preview and must receive a videocassette copy of the final film; writers of pilots, MOWs and miniseries must be invited to the first sneak preview.

Writers of other television programs may request an opportunity to view a cut and answer print of their programs and the Company must notify them when that viewing will occur.

Please contact the Contracts Department (323) 782-4501 or the Credits Department (323) 782-4528 if you have any questions.

Once again, your vigilance will help protect the rights of all writers.