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    The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract.

H+ The Digital Series
H2 The Digital Series is a science fiction Web series from director/producer Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects). The series is created by actor John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso, and is digitally distributed by Warner Bros. The thematic focus of the series is nanotechnology and transhumanism (abbreviated as "H2"). These are technologies that greatly enhance human intellectual and physical capabilities. In this story, H2 connects the enhanced minds to the Internet. The first of 48 webisodes begins where an already established H2 technology has been infected by a virus.


Home/Office is a comedy Web series created by writer/multimedia designer Josh Shayne and filmmaker/editor James Darling. Shayne also stars in the series as a fictional freelance web designer who works out of his home office for Good Work (actually Shayne's real life design company). The series is presented as a tongue-in-cheek how-to reality series on dealing with the ups and downs of life as a freelancer.

Eastsiders The Series is a Web sitcom about a group of friends living in the "young and hip" Silver Lake section of Los Angeles. The main characters are a gay couple and their close friends, a straight couple. Actor Kit Williamson created and stars in this series. In 2013, The LA Weekly gave Eastsiders their Best Web Series award.

The Mop and Lucky Files
The Mop and Lucky Files is a Web sitcom set in LA. It's the misadventures of Mop and Lucky, two female friends played by Jennifer Erholm and Chloe Taylor, who also created the series. Their "office" is a storage and their business is self-described as a "personal espionage" agency that engages in "bizarre cases." The first season of this entertaining series consists of five episodes.

Teachers, A Web Series
The Katydids are a Chicago-based six-member female improv group. They created and star in the online sitcom Teachers. Actor Alison Brie (Community) is the executive producer. Teachers plotlines are about the "often wildly inappropriate conversations teachers have with each other during a typical workday." The Web series then became a television series on the TV Land cable network.

Graveyard is an online sitcom about working the graveyard shift in an empty Chicago office building. It was created by actors Christian Stolte (Mouch on Chicago Fire) and David Pasquesi (Veep), and director Ron Lazzeretti. In the series, Stolte and Pasquesi play a janitor and a security guard.

7p/10e is a romantic comedy series about a couple's dating life. Webisode stories are told via four-minute videos of the couple's nightly Skype dates, as well as their posted emails. 7p/10e is an imaginatively conceived project collaboratively created, produced, and developed by a group of entertainment business creatives that include Kyle McCullough, actors Chris Alvarado and Avital Ash, and filmmaker Sammi Cohen. Alvarado and Ash play the romantic couple, Patrick and Cora.


Battle Flag
Battle Flag is a Web documentary series consisting of video interviews where individuals sound off on historical issues and political hot-buttons regarding the display of the Confederate flag in public life. Battle Flag also includes video stories about the Flag and its place in American culture. This project is a creative collaboration of journalist Logan Jaffe and filmmaker Zachery Sigelko. It's sponsored by WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio's nonprofit media arts organization.


The Life and Times of Strider Wolf
The Life and Times of Strider Wolf is a longform online feature article from The Boston Globe. It's well written by reporter Sarah Schweitzer and includes stunning photos by Jessica Rinaldi. Strider Wolf is the heartbreaking story of a 6-year-old boy who has endured hardship far beyond his years.


Vimeo Video School
Vimeo Media School is an education resource provided by popular video-sharing social media site, Vimeo. Their online school offers informational help aimed at professional-level computer videographers, as well as creative beginners. Their site's how-to videos were created by both Vimeo staffers and Vimeo members. Each short tutorial video is easy to understand and entertaining in its way.

Teachers Guide Series at Oscars.org
Teachers Guide Series at Oscars.org is an online educational resource sponsored by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in conjunction with Young Minds Inspired, "a leading provider of free educational outreach programs for learners of all ages." The curriculum teaches various aspects of filmmaking including animation, art direction, and film editing.


Climate Desk
Climate Desk is a journalistic collaboration website. Its subject focus is climate change and its impact on the world's environment, economy, and politics. Project partners include The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, The New Republic, Newsweek, Slate, and Wired. It is the brainchild of Australian television and radio producer James West, who is currently based in New York.

The Tangled Web We Watch
The Tangled Web We Watch is a blog launched by writer/actress Stephanie Carrie. Web series creators and series fans are its target audience. The site's content includes individual web series reviews and entertainment industry news related to web series. The Tangled Web We Watch also offers a handy list of companies and resources that specialize in Web series production.


iamOTHER is a multimedia collective and record label founded by musician and fashion mogul Pharrell Williams. It is also a popular YouTube channel with original programming that's a mix of music videos, man-on-the-street video interviews, and original Web series like Awkward Black Girl. The channel is co-sponsored with Columbia Records.


FACT Magazine
FACT Magazine began as a bi-monthly British music and youth culture magazine, and is now exclusively online as a multimedia zine. Content includes interviews with music artists such as Adele, and reviews by media critics such as Julian Cope. They also offer a downloadable FACT music mix series. And there's FACT TV, their online TV channel produced by the Vinyl Factory Group.