The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract.


Actor Keith Powell (30 Rock) created the semi-autobiographical Web comedy series Keith Broke His Leg. It’s about his life experience of limited mobility after he broke his leg. A critic has dubbed the series as “Louie with a Los Angeles sensibility.” The 10-episodes actually take place in Powell’s real-life home. Guest appearances include Aubrey Plaza and Alexandra Krosney.


The Creative Planet Network is owned by new media industry publisher NewBay Media. The website offers news and information, as well as an online community for media and entertainment professionals. Discussion forums include the latest news and reviews of digital content, cinematography, hardware, and post-production software such as Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and DVD Studio Pro. Other content includes video tutorials and webinars on using the latest digital technologies.

cinema5d is an Austria-based digital professional community created by three cinematographers: Johnnie Behiri, Nino Leitner, and Sebastian Wober. Forum content focuses on the “latest advancements in camera and filmmaking technology.” Community members can submit videologs that include reviews of the latest digital cameras and accessories.

DoddleNEWS is a filmmaker information community created by Heath MacKnight. The site includes news on the latest cameras, as well as the latest film and video editing software. The most valuable information offered is the Doddle Production Guide and Directory, searchable by production location and specialization categories. And Doddle community members can set up a free account where their services can be listed in the Directory.

Creative COW
Creative COW is an online community for post-production professionals. It was started by Kathlyn Lindeboom as a print magazine. Its Web presence boasts 2 million monthly visitors from around the world. Community members register on the site for free. Content offered Creative COW includes over 1000 free text and video tutorials for video editing and creation software.

Film Independent
Film Independent is an online presence for the independent non-profit organization that sponsors of Hollywood’s Independent Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival. Currently run by Josh Welch, the website acts as both new film school and online community for members professional or aspirant alike.


Post Magazine
Post Magazine is a print and online zine aimed at post-production professionals. It’s subtitled “where technology and talent meet.” The monthly print publication examines all areas of post-production including film, television, animation, graphics, audio, and the Web. The online zine offers video tutorials, a constantly updated blog, a free e-newsletter, and the latest news and events related to post-production technology. Randi Altman is the editor-in-chief.

Randi Altman also publishes postPerspective, a website that examines current film releases from a technology perspective. And it also features profiles of noted personalities in the post-production industry.

The Numbers
The Numbers is a media information website from Nash Information Services, a leading provider of movie financial data. Nash’s entertainment industry clients include studios, production companies, and even novice filmmakers. website information includes daily, weekly, and weekend movie box office statistics, as well as top selling DVDs and Blu-rays. Other data includes individual movie budgets, and theatrical release schedules.


BBC – Writers Room
Writers Room is one of the informational parts of BBC’s website. The educational content here offers professional writer interviews, writing advice, and other info aimed at an audience of screenwriters, radio script writers, and online content creators. Noted Writers Room features include an extensive script library, and new writer development programs such as their Writers Lab that aims to foster new forms of storytelling.

No Meaner Place is a blog about the ups and downs of a Hollywood writer’s life from Neely, an executive assistant to television producer David E. Kelley. The blog also examines the craft of writing, using specific scripts as educational focal points. There are also in-depth interviews with industry veterans such as David Mirkin, WGAW President Howard A. Rodman, and Kasi Lemmons.


Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen are the current hosts of the Chicago-based weekly podcast Filmspotting. Co-created with Sam Van Hallgren, the podcast also airs on WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio.

The FRAME is a daily podcast from KPCC, Southern California Public Radio. John Horn is the show host. He is the former Los Angeles Times lead writer covering the film industry.

The Projection Booth
The Projection Booth is a Detroit-based weekly film criticism podcast currently hosted by Mike White. Each interview guest is a noted film business veteran who examines in-depth one particular film, many which they have participated in. Guests have included Bruce Dern, Ellen Burstyn, and William Friedkin.


Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan describes himself as a media post-production veteran “who travels the world helping editors get work.” He describes himself as follows: “producer, director, editor, consultant and trainer.” His website offers a free e-newsletter, “Larry Jordan’s Adobe and Final Cut Newsletter.” His site also has free step-by-step tutorials, technology advice articles, and free weekly webinars.

"Read This Thing" is a free daily email newsletter available at medium.com, the online publishing platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. Each day “Read This Thing” offers readers one link to an interesting piece of journalism with no particular theme, subject, or political leaning. “Sometimes it’s long-form journalism, other times it’s a short blog post.”


By Ken Levine
Ken Levine is a multi-talented television and film writer (M*A*S*H and The Simpsons), and play-by-play major league baseball commentator (Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres, and Seattle Mariners). In 2011, his blog “By Ken Levine” was rated one of the best 25 blogs by TIME Magazine. Simply stated, Levine presents his daily observations and advice in an entertaining way.