The Hotspot highlights Web content created by writers working under a WGA contract.


RCVR (short for "Receiver") is an Internet science fiction series created by David Van Eyssen and produced by Science To Fiction. Van Eyssen's co-writer is Brian Horiuchi. Motorola Mobility and the Machina Network sponsored the six episodes of season one. In 2012, RCVR won Best Dramatic Series at the International Academy of Web Television Awards. RCVR's most unusual aspect is its transmedia storytelling. It cuts across multiple platforms that include its own YouTube channel plus Twitter feed that further links to an Alternate Reality Game (real-world game platform). The plotline asserts that secret alien communications have been responsible for groundbreaking technological changes over the past 150 years.


Corridor Digital
Corridor Digital is a popular YouTube channel from filmmakers Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer, longtime friends from Stillwater, Minnesota. The channel's many short videos focus on the action genre. Their low-budget special effects are well-produced. Collaborators include other Minnesota friends like Jake Watson and Wren Weichman. The Corridor Digital channel also has a VLOG that presents valuable tips on creating low-budget special effects for online videos.


Come Together: Surviving Sandy
Come Together: Surviving Sandy is an online multimedia exhibition that was initially created as a New York City-based art installation event to mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. The project began in 2013 when Jack Flam of artist Robert Motherwell's Dedalus Foundation approached artist/publisher Phong Bui who lost most of his life's work in the storm. Acting as both curator and participant, Bui brought together artists and art collectives in a live exhibit of artwork and videos. Notable artists include Chuck Close, Alex Katz, and Richard Serra. Its online incarnation also includes essays and poetry. Besides the Dedalus Foundation, Come Together: Surviving Sandy is supported by the Pollock Krasner Foundation and The Helen Frankenthaler Foundation.

Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture was created by the Google Cultural Institute. It's an online collection of "ultra-high resolution" artworks and stories from around the world, and it’s a marriage of technology and culture. Google partners include museums from over 40 countries, including The British Museum, Yad Vashem, and The Nelson Mandela Center of Memory. The Google team describes the project as a "community of like-minded people…in the know on all things cultural." Another notable feature is its 360-degree Virtual Reality trips to amazing cultural places via Google's Cardboard technology. Their overall collection has over six million items including rare photos, videos, and documents.


Peter D. Marshall is a Vancouver, B.C.-based filmmaker. His blog ActionCutPrint, subtitled Filmmaking Tips for the Independent Filmmaker, is an information resource from Marshall's 40-year career as a producer and filmmaker. It also offers indie filmmaker news and an informative free monthly online newsletter, The Director's Chair.

Anatomy of a Scene
Anatomy of a Scene is an online video series from The New York Times. Each episode offers a behind-the-camera examination of one scene from a recent film as told through the perspective of each film's director. Directors and films include Clint Eastwood and American Sniper; Alejandro G. Inarritu and The Revenant; and David Mackenzie and Hell and High Water.

The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat
The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat is an education resource for independent video editors. It offers tips, tricks, and tutorials primarily for videos on YouTube and Vimeo platforms. Specialized tutorials include specific editing software such as Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. The blog also offers royalty-free music and sound effects for video projects.

The Post Lab
The Post Lab is an information resource from independent filmmaker Chris J. Russo. The info focuses on cost-effective film and video post-production "solutions and strategies." Most valuable are the articles and case study interviews with filmmakers who discuss their post-production work processes. Post-production topics include sound, camera, color, effects, and miscellaneous filmmaker tips.

Vincent Laforet's Blog
Vincent Laforet is a Pulitzer Prize-winning director and photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and National Geographic. His blog offers valuable tips and advice on professional gear that he uses for both his video and photography work.


Aotg.com (Art of the Guillotine) is an education resource for film and video editors. It's subtitled "a community-driven source for post-production information." Website topics include editing software reviews, editing tutorials for beginners, and a series of podcasts that feature veteran editors and special effects professionals. A prime feature is their extensive list of resource links for software products, professional groups and co-ops, as well as software user groups. Plus, The Cutting Room is a podcast hosted by Gordon Burkell, the site's founder.

AFI podcast
The American Film Institute (AFI) is a nonprofit educational arts organization "dedicated to initiatives that engage the past, present, and the future of the moving image arts" and "preserve the legacy of the American film heritage for future generations." The AFI website offers podcast interviews and roundtable discussions with writer/directors that include Judd Apatow, Ron Howard, David Cronenberg, David Lynch, and the late John Hughes.

BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts is an "independent organization that supports the art form of the moving image including film, television, and video games in the UK." They also sponsor year-round programs of international initiatives that nurture talent through workshops, lectures, and relationships. BAFTA Guru Live is an online series of professional tips on directing and producing films, televisions, and video games. It also includes monthly podcast interviews and features on entertainment industry "gurus" including the likes of Woody Allen, Emma Thompson, J. J. Abrams, Kate Winslet, and Eddie Redmayne.

3rd & Fairfax: The WGAW Podcast
3rd & Fairfax is the official podcast of the Writers Guild of America West. It includes interviews with top writers, as well as news and information important to WGA members. The podcasts are hosted by Steve Trautmann, Aaron Fullerton, and Brian Gary. Interviewees include Aziz Ansari, Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszweski, Adam McKay, and Issa Rae.

The Business | KCRW
Kim Masters is an editor-at-large for The Hollywood Reporter, a former NPR correspondent, and Vanity Fair contributing editor. She is also the host of The Business, a podcast from Santa Monica College's public radio station KCRW. The Business is described as a half-hour look at the business of entertainment where Masters interviews Hollywood's movers and shakers.

The Treatment | KCRW
The Treatment is another podcast from KCRW. Film critic Elvis Mitchell is the show host. Treatment is a Hollywood term for a "concise overview of a screenplay," or a longer more detailed version of a film story pitch. Interviewees include actors Anna Gunn, Richard Dreyfuss, Leonardo DiCaprio, Levar Burton, and comic Roseanne Barr.

Indie Film Hustle
Indie Film Hustle is film industry veteran Alex Ferrari's entertainment business podcast. It's subtitled "showing you how to survive and thrive in the film biz." Indie filmmakers are his primary target audience. Topics of discussion include tips on cinematography, post-production, equipment, visual effects, film distribution, directing and producing. Free subscriptions are available via iTunes


Slightly Dramatic Web Series
Slightly Dramatic is a Web series produced by the documentary team at KVCR, a public broadcasting station in San Bernardino, California. They describe the series as a mockumentary where "The Office meets Guffman meets Glee." It was developed by Jeff Scot Carey and adapted from actor/singer/writer Emily Clark's "semi-autobiographical cabaret show" (co-authored with Ryan Scott Oliver). Like Glee, the plotline centers on a fictitious high school drama department.

STUCK: The Chronicles of David Rea
Stuck: The Chronicles of David Rea describes itself as "the first Italian web series (dramedy) filmed entirely in English." Its 10 episodes were filmed in Rome and stars Riccardo Sardone and Ivana Lotito. Sardone plays David Rea, an unorthodox psychoanalyst dealing with patients who feel stuck in their lives. It's written and directed by Ivan Silvestri, who won Best Directing Award at the L.A. Web Series Festival.