• ERA Education Project

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ERA Education Project
Actress and activist Kamala Lopez created the ERA Education Project website to promote the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment "whereby men and women are equal under the law." The ERA Education Project also serves to promote "Equal Means Equal," her successfully Kickstarter-funded documentary film created especially to raise public awareness on women's issues. And a notable feature of the Project website: interviews with prominent women nationwide on issues that include equal pay and crimes of domestic violence.


Snobby Robot
Snobby Robot launched in 2012, the brainchild of Erik Urtz. The online zine's focus seems to be information aimed primarily at Web series creators and fans. Snobby Robot also acts as a showcase for acclaimed Web series plus profiles of their creators. Other informative features include DIY tips for beginners and pros. Topics (mostly for beginners) range from Web series creation and financing, as well as content distribution.

Video and Filmmaker describes itself as "Australia's first dedicated digital magazine for the filmmaking community." Features include Aussie entertainment industry news and video/film reviews, as well as tutorials and other info on using video and filmmaking equipment. While content is aimed primarily at the Australian creatives, the advice offered can be worthwhile for all entertainment industry creators.

tubular insights
Originally known as ReelSEO, tubular insights is an online zine founded by Mark R. Robertson and chiefly edited by Carla Marshall; both Certified YouTube professionals. tubular insights describes itself as "the world's leading resource for analysis, tips, and trends for the online video and internet marketing industries." Content is geared mostly for Internet content marketers and video entertainment producers. Other noted features include case studies of leading products marketed online. These include L'Oreal, Turkish Airlines, and the NBA.


Find Your Way to Oz
Find Your Way to Oz is an experimental multimedia piece created as an online companion to Oz the Great and Powerful, a highly-anticipated Disney feature film by director Sam Raimi. In some ways (my opinion only), this experimental 3D online exploratory piece overshadows the film. The 3D environment was created by London-based entertainment technology company Unit9, partnered with Google subsidiary, their Chrome Experiments technology lab, Find Your Way to Oz is best viewed with the Chrome browser.


Damaged is an online animated series; its 12 episodes successfully funded on Kickstarter. It was created by standup comic Liz Miele. This cartoon sitcom is about "two damaged teenage robots adopted by humans." Character design is by Adam Record. Animation is by Ben Luce and Grant Lindahl.

Art Clokey's Gumbyworld
Gumby and Pokey are almost 60-year-old clay-animated characters. They can be both kitsch and extremely cool. The Gumby website is devoted to everything anyone might want to know about this classic television cartoon series and its creator Art Clokey. The site's best feature is its offering of original Gumby episodes, that includes ‘50s vintage “Gumbasia,” the more abstract and earliest Gumby series animations.


Revision3 is a San Francisco-based multi-channel Internet television network. A subsidiary of television's The Discovery Channel, Revision3's online "channels" are a mix of weekly and/or daily show series episodes with mostly hosted technology and games-related content, plus some television content from Discovery Channel programs. Channels include Tekzilla, Hak5, Geek Beat, and Film Riot. Show hosts include Philip DeFranco, Jon Rettinger, and Patrick Norton, among others.


The Shades
The Shades is a Web sitcom created by Kevin Davis and Mike Burnett. Webisode plotlines follow a young couple who have moved into a strange gated community where residents freely practice their faith; but to a grossly exaggerated extreme. Note that this series has created some critical controversy due to its satirical religious content. And like all cutting satire, The Shades series may not be for those who are easily offended.

Dark Justice
Dark Justice is another online comedy series that has not been without controversy. Its six episodes are about the sole African-American officer serving on an all-white small town police department. Dark Justice was produced and created by Rochester, New York-based entertainment pros Mike Gerbino and Travis Cannon. The series uses local Rochester actors, and stars actor Che Holloway as the sole black police officer. Some might find the comedic elements of this series to be highly inappropriate and in poor taste considering its highly timely political police and minority issues in American news nationwide.

LARPs is a Web series about five twentysomething friends who meet regularly to play “Live-Action Role-Playing” games, also known as LARPs. Episode plots revolve around its game-playing characters, and cleverly show the parallels between the characters' game-playing lives and their real lives. (Note that character may also be nicknamed "LARPs") The two seasons of the series can also be seen on the Geek & Sundry Web content network. LARPs was created by director Julian Stamboulieh, and producers Benjamin Warner and Jon Verrall.

Almost Asian
Almost Asian is a semi-autobiographical Web sitcom created by and starring beautiful and talented actress/model Katie Malia. She describes the series plotline as follows: "Half Japanese. Half German. 100% confused." Season one includes 12 well produced episodes.

Perfect Girl
Perfect Girl is an online series that has won a list of notable awards at highly regarded entertainment media festivals that include the L.A. Web Series Festival 2015 ("Outstanding Leading Actress" and more) and the Toronto Webfest 2015 ("Outstanding Drama Series" and more). Perfect Girl is a Singapore-produced Web drama; distributed by Banana Mama, a Singapore-based production company, and streaming on global TV site Viki. The series follows a young couple's relationship from love in bloom to split-up, and then flashing-forward to the couple's middle-age reunification 10 years later. Note that these acclaimed 10 webisodes were created and produced by Jason Chan for just $700 (US).