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Embeds is a sitcom series that’s part of the program lineup of the go90 streaming comedy platform, a joint venture of Verizon and Hearst. The six-episode series follows five young reporters following a fictional candidate on the presidential campaign trail in Iowa. Embeds was created by former CNN correspondent Pete Hamby and Sarah Palin biographer Scott Conroy. Hamby and Conroy met as embedded reporters on the 2008 presidential campaign trail, following Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. It’s produced by Seriously.TV. Megyn Kelly is one of the show’s exec producers.


The Black and The Blue
The Black and the Blue is the blog of veteran camera assistant Evan Luzi. His site content offers both “tips for camera assistants” and “useful knowledge about what it’s really like to make a movie.” It also includes useful info for beginning and professional “camera people.” Luzi’s blog also includes a series of “Digital Camera Assistant Pocket Guides” each focused on a specific digital camera products such as Sony F6, Canon TD, Nikon D800, ARRI ALEXA, etc

Learn About Film
Learn About Film is Tom Barrance’s blog. He describes himself as a UK “film educator” who runs “projects, workshops and training for young people, adults, and organizations.” Based in South Wales, his blog offers filmmaking product reviews, a long resource list of filmmaking links, and his informative free filmmaker newsletter.

"cinema5D" is a Vienna, Austria-based team of digital cinematography pros founded by creative partners Ophir Behiri, Nino Leitner, and Sebastian Wober. They head a large team of international filmmaking professionals. Their zine has helpful content: “camera advice and extensive filmmaking equipment reviews.” Their website is co-sponsored by camera equipment retailers B&H and CVP. The site also includes a collection of user-submitted filmmaking videologs.

National Film Preservation Board
The National Film Preservation Board was established by the National Film Preservation Act of 1988. Its mission is to “ensure the survival, conservation and increased public availability of America’s film heritage.” The website is sponsored by the Audio Visual Conservation Center at the Library of Congress. A key feature of their site is the long list of links to notable essays on film by film scholars and critics. They also offer their searchable “American Silent Feature Film Database 1912-1929” that includes “nearly 11,000 U.S. feature films.”

So you wanna work in Movies?
So you wanna work in Movies? is a long-form essay by MTV Music Award-winning UK cinematographer Oliver Stapleton. His semi-autobiographical essay is “a response to people who frequently ask him, “How do I get into movies?” His essay includes links to related info from other noted filmmaking professionals.

Vimeo Video School
Vimeo is a longstanding video-sharing website where users can upload, share and view videos. It was founded in 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein. It is currently a part of InterActive Corp (IAC), the entertainment conglomerate headed by Barry Diller. The Vimeo Video School offers beginning auteurs ways to make “better videos through lessons, tutorials, and sage advice from industry insiders.” The website is content-rich. Informative topics include emerging entertainment technologies, such as 360-degree filmmaking. It also has extensive filmmaking basics advice including editing, professional gear, storytelling, post production, and the business of filmmaking.

johnbrawley – ramblings of a cinematographer
John Brawley is a veteran television director of photography (currently working on the USA Network series Queen of the South). He’s based in both his native Australia and in the U.S. His blog gives valuable tips and advice for cinematography pros and beginners. Many topics focus on camera equipment as well as still photography info.


ASPIREist is self-described as a half-hour “cross-platform millennial news program.” Their news presenters, also known as “personalities”, come from a variety of professional backgrounds such as “environmentalists, activists, social entrepreneurs.” They include Shiza Shahid (co-founder of the Malala Fund with Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai); environmental activist Philippe Cousteau Jr; and comedian Ben Gleib. The site is subtitled “Know more. Do more. Change our world.” Celebrity guest appearances have included environmental-friendly actors Ben Affleck, Russell Brand, and Adrian Grenier. ASPIREist ‘s website content is presented as a digital magazine. It also publishes on content aggregator app Flipboard. AASPIREist is the 2017 winner of the Edward R. Murrow National Award for Excellence in Innovation.

Kopkind Colony
The Kopkind Colony is self-described as an “educational summer residency program for nonpartisan independent journalists and community organizers.” It was founded by the family of late journalist Andrew Kopkind (Village Voice, New York Review of Books, and The Nation). The Colony is based at Tree Frog Farm in Vermont. Their website blog content has a focus on energy and political news, with particular attention to LGBT topics.

FAIR stands for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. It is a longstanding left-leaning “national media watch group”; founded in 1986. They most notably monitor U.S. media (across a wide range of the political spectrum) for “inaccuracy, bias, and censorship.” Besides their content-rich website, FAIR offers “Extra!” a monthly media criticism newsletter; 10 paid issues per year. Counterspin is their free-access weekly media criticism radio program.


Reflections of a Newsosaur
Alan Mutter is a veteran journalist (San Francisco Chronicle); a Silicon Valley CEO (InterMedia); and a teacher at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Reflections of a Newsosaur is his blog that is self-described as “musings (and occasional urgent warnings) of a veteran media executive, who fears our news gathering companies are stumbling to extinction.” Mutter’s blog shares his past professional experiences in the multimedia industry. He also shares news, views, and opinions on a rapidly changing journalism and publishing business.


Verywell.com is a content-rich zine; subtitled “know more feel better.” Verywell describes itself as “a new voice in health” represented by “100 doctors, pharmacists, and dieticians providing authoritative yet relatable health advice.” Content includes “50,000 articles across 150 health topics.” TODAY show nutrition and health expert Joy Bauer; and David Katz, head of the Yale Center of Disease Prevention are part of this professional group.