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Photo by Tom Keller
Jim Kouf &
David Greenwalt

Partners In Crime

Ready to release your inner Wesen? Start with tales from the Grimm side by Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt.
Never a Bridesmaid

Spy master Paul Feig knows where the jokes are buried.

Breaking Through

Matt Weiner didn’t reach the other side with Mad Men but with a Larry Sanders spec.

Also in the Summer 2015 issue:
Summer school is in session with UCLA Screenwriting Chair Richard Walter, Cal State Fullerton mentors, Disney Channel Storytellers, and Stephens College’s MFA program in L.A.

plus, why adolescents voted Bob’s Burgers’ Tina Belcher the Best Character on Television; the writers’ odyssey to American Odyssey; Attica Locke’s fiction escapes the crossover trap to become Empire; and cutting the cord? Better call Chuck.
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