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Read the complete Feb./Mar., 2016 issue.

The Courtship of Carol

Meet the talented Ms. Phyllis Nagy.

Inside Traders

The Big Short’s Adam McKay and Charles Randolph expose high-finance crimes, lies, and psychosis.

Breaking the Story

Screenwriters Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer use journalism to get an exclusive: Spotlight.


Read the complete Jan, 2016 issue.

Woody’s Toolbox

From Anhedonia to Annie Hall, Woody Allen shares trade secrets.

Born To Be Wilde

Never heard of Hagar Wilde? The mystery co-writer of Bringing Up Baby was a wild woman.

Where Did He Go Right?

Blazing away with the amazing Mel Brooks on Blazing Saddles, The Producers, and Young Frankenstein.


Read the complete Nov./Dec. 2015 issue.

Girlfriends’ Guide To Running The Show(s)

Marti Noxon tells all, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to UnREAL.

Plato’s Man-Cave

Donald Margulies revives David Foster Wallace in The End of the Tour.

He Can Handle the Truth

Apple care, courtesy of Aaron Sorkin.


Read the complete Sept./Oct. 2015 issue.

Becoming Trumbo

Dalton Trumbo’s courage under fire compelled John McNamara to write Trumbo.

The Reasons Why

Can the Hollywood Blacklist happen again? TBD.

Of Course You Tell the Truth

Actress Marsha Hunt fought HUAC and SAG.


Read the complete Summer 2015 issue.

Partners In Crime

Ready to release your inner Wesen? Start with tales from the Grimm side by Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt.

Never a Bridesmaid

Spy master Paul Feig knows where the jokes are buried.

Breaking Through

Matt Weiner didn’t reach the other side with Mad Men but with a Larry Sanders spec.


Read the complete Apr./May 2015 issue.

The Comedy Eye

Follow Garry Marshall career from standup and radio to the Fonz, Mork, Laverne, Shirley, and that wacky odd couple.

His Machiavellian Godfather

Peter Straughan makes an offer that America can’t refuse: Wolf Hall.

William Goldman and the Screenwriting Kids

Generations honed their craft studying the most influential screenwriter in film history.


Read the complete Feb./March 2015 issue.


A 12-year-old Boyhood graduates to the big screen, and Richard Linklater couldn’t be prouder.

Start Me Up

How Mick Jagger found satisfaction in a screenplay, then produced it.

Elegy for a Data Liberator

Brian Knappenberger documents the tragic demise of Internet wunderkind Aaron Swartz.


Read the complete Jan. issue.

The Eyes Have It

Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski endure a decade in blind pursuit of Big Eyes.

Out of the Woods

James Lapine earns the right to live happily ever after.

The Collaborationists

Winnie Holzman and Irene Mecchi share the wealth on how they staged Wicked and The Lion King.