The WGAW offers a simple, one-page Interactive Program Contract (IPC) that covers writing for videogames. This contract ensures that writers receive employer-paid contributions to the Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan and the Writers Guild-Industry Health Fund, the industrywide pension and health funds in which television and screenwriters participate.

2020 Interactive Program Contract


Simple Contract

The Interactive Program Contract (IPC) is a simplified collective bargaining agreement that allows a company to negotiate the terms of employment for writers on a project-by-project basis. The IPC is extremely flexible. Other than the negotiated writer compensation, the only mandatory employment terms are Pension & Health Fund contributions, Guild Shop (requiring WGA membership), and dispute resolution through binding arbitration.

Why Sign?

WGA writers are recognized as highly skilled professionals at the top of the entertainment industry. By using the IPC, your company will be able to hire WGA writers and take advantage of this extraordinary labor pool. The ability to compete for the best talent will help your company achieve its goal of creating the best content possible.

How Does Signing Benefit My Company?

By signing the IPC, your company will be entitled to participate in WGA Pension & Health Fund. These Funds, which are among the best in the industry, allow writers to qualify for portable medical and retirement benefits that follow them from job to job. The ability to offer such a benefit gives your company a significant competitive advantage in attracting top talent.


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