Members are responsible for determining the current signatory status of any potential employer. The exclusion of a name from the Strike/Unfair List does not mean that it is a signatory. Please call (323) 782-4514 to verify the signatory status of a company or email the Signatories Department. Or, you can use the Guild's Signatory Lookup.

The Board of Directors places individuals or companies on the Strike/Unfair List for several types of unfair conduct: refusing to engage in collective bargaining negotiations with the WGA; refusing to sign the MBA or other applicable collective bargaining agreements; wrongfully failing to participate in grievance and arbitration procedures; failing to abide by the final award of an arbitrator; or engaging in conduct violative of the National Labor Relations Act or other laws designed to protect the rights of writers.

The Board of Directors will consider requests from individuals or companies to be removed from the Strike/Unfair List. In such cases, the Board will examine the facts and circumstances concerning the listing, and the reasons advanced for removal.


Please be advised that the following companies and individuals were placed on the Strike/Unfair List on January 6,  2020:

MURRAY, ROBIN P. (Skinned Productions, LLC)

NOTE: WGA members are bound by Working Rule 10, which provides: " No member may enter into a contract for the rendition of writing services with any producer whose name is contained in the then current Guild unfair list unless such producer shall have first posted a bond with the Guild guaranteeing the full amount of the writer's proposed compensation pursuant to such contract."

Read the WGA Strike/Unfair List