In August, the Guild held its first member workshop designed by the Board’s Sexual Harassment Sub-Committee and Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN). Below are some reviews from your fellow writers who attended the initial training:

"The Guild-sponsored Sexual Harassment Workshop was a great opportunity to increase my awareness of issues we writers face and to pick up some really useful intervention tools. It was amazing how much ground we covered in the 90 minutes and it was really helpful to brainstorm solutions with fellow writers. The whole experience was eye-opening. I left feeling informed and empowered."Michele Mulroney

The workshop is so helpful beyond just sexual harassment—including how to set the tone of a writers' room, how to address bullying, and how to support a victim of harassment. It's concise and painless!"Betsy Thomas

“I have been to a lot of sexual harassment seminars: at best they feel like their only concern is to protect our corporate employers from liability. This is the first time such a workshop has addressed the real issues in a helpful and sensical way. I strongly encourage every Guild member regardless of race, gender, or position to attend and listen: this is information we all can use, presented in a way that is positive and inclusive.” Javier Grillo-Marxuach

"I found the RAINN Workshop to be a very helpful and innovative way to address this very serious issue that affects us all as writers working in Hollywood today. Having been to a lot of studio based HR lectures on sexual harassment, the WGA RAINN Workshop was something entirely different—thought-provoking, informative and a true exchange of ideas—I recommend it for all WGA members. The WGA is uniquely positioned to address this very important issue as it has a keen sense of the work environments writers in both features and episodic television are actually working within. The RAINN Workshop really reflected this."William Brown

"It's been a pleasure working with Sunitha and RAINN this year to develop a program that arms our membership with tools to manage this long festering problem. The first workshop left us all feeling hopeful that change is possible. It's only a first step, but an important one."Angelina Burnett

"In August, I attended the first workshop, given by the WGA, devoted to ending sexual harassment, bullying and abuse of writers in the workplace. It was dynamic and interactive. The facilitator was fantastic. I learned a lot of tools and strategies that I hadn't even considered before. And in truth, it changed the way I, as a TV showrunner, approached these subjects in our own writers' room. I heartily recommend this program for television and screenwriters at all levels." Nicole Yorkin