The Committee on the Professional Status of Writers Episodic Television is provided for in the WGA Basic Agreement. It is comprised of Episodic Television Writers (WGAW Board/WGAE Council appointed) and Company CEOs. Its mission is to discuss and study issues relating to the professional status of writers, including making appropriate recommendations of solutions to problems. By way of example, the Committee may discuss such issues as Studio/Network notes, limiting option periods, advertising, and product integration. The Committee meets approximately 3 times per year.

Chair: Shawn Ryan
Vice Chair: John Bowman

Writer Members of the Committee:
Mara Brock Akil
Rene Balcer
Greg Daniels
James Duff
David A. Goodman
Silvio Horta
Al Jean
Chip Johannessen
Warren Leight
Tom Lennon
Carol Mendelsohn
Ron Moore
Peter Murrieta
Shonda Rhimes
Phil Rosenthal
Matt Weiner

Staff Liaison: Lise Anderson, Assistant Executive Director