The Craft of Writing
Learn from other writers

The WGAW’s award-winning Written By is the premiere magazine written by and for writers, providing a unique look into the art, craft, and business of writing in Hollywood. 3rd & Fairfax, our official podcast features information and updates about the Guild and interviews with top writers while The Craft gets writers’ behind-the-scenes takes on how they crafted the scripts for today's most popular, exciting and original films and TV shows. Subscribe to the Guild’s YouTube channel to watch Guild panels, video interviews with screenwriters, and other screenwriting-related content.

Need hard-to-find technical information for your next script or project? The Ask the Expert: FYI Listings provide contact details to individuals and organizations that have volunteered to answer writers’ questions about their field of expertise.

Writers Guild Foundation & Library
The ultimate writers’ resource

The Writers Guild Foundation is a non-profit educational organization whose programs include the Writers Guild Foundation Shavelson-Webb Library, a writer-focused collection of scripts and other materials related to writers and writing. Founded in 1984, the library is now home to over 30,000 items consisting of produced film, television, and radio scripts – many of which have received major writing awards – books, periodicals, DVDs, videos, a digital script-reading facility, and other materials on the history, biography, art, craft, and business of writing for entertainment media. Search the catalog and get information about library hours as well as Foundation classes, seminars, events, and other projects on their website.

Career Training & Advice
Showrunner training and advice for screen and TV writers

Check out Guild publications that contain vital information about the MBA, your career, and your rights as a Writers Guild member. Titles include Creative Rights for Writers, the Credits Survival Guide, Understanding Separated Rights, and What Every Writer Needs to Know. The Screenwriters Need to Know Video Series is designed to help writers navigate the challenges posed by today’s industry practices. You’ll hear prominent feature writers share their experiences and advice on how to maintain a successful writing career in the current business environment

Conducted in partnership with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the highly successful Showrunner Training Program is designed to help senior-level writer-producers and recent creators hone the skills necessary to become successful showrunners in today’s television landscape. Providing invaluable instruction from current showrunners and other industry professionals, the program has helped produce many successful results.