Inclusion and Equity
Opportunity for all!

The WGAW feels strongly that writers from diverse backgrounds should have a chance to succeed in film and television. The Inclusion and Equity Department works to encourage positive change in hiring practices and to increase awareness of the unique obstacles often faced by diverse writers.

The missions of the TV Writer Access Project and Feature Writer Access Project are to identify excellent diverse writers in order to provide a hiring resource for producers and increase access to WGAW members from groups that have been historically underemployed.

The Inclusion and Equity Department also works with eight WGAW member committees to develop events which range from panel discussions on various aspects of the craft of writing to networking opportunities. Go to the Guild Calendar for a list of upcoming events and contact the Inclusion and Equity Department to find out how to become involved.

See the Inclusion and Equity Department’s Resource List for further industry talent development opportunities.

Get Involved
Committees and Caucuses are a great place to start

Active members are the lifeblood of the Writers Guild. Please contact your Field Representative for ways that you can get involved today. You may also consider joining one of the Guild's Committees or Writing Caucuses, attending a Guild event, or would like to let us know if you were offered work that isn't covered by the Guild but should be. We encourage you to be active and to participate in the community of writers. You are the WGA. Your involvement and efforts won't go unrecognized or unrewarded.