The Inclusion and Equity Department of the Writers Guild of America West is pleased to announce the honorees for the 2018 WGAW Feature Writer Access Project, a program designed to identify excellent historically underrepresented feature film writers.

Qualified WGAW members were invited to submit their work in one of five categories: minority writers, writers with disabilities, women writers, writers age 60 and older and LGBTQ+ writers.

Scripts, which underwent two rounds of judging, were read and scored on a blind submission basis. The program’s pool of second-round judges included WGAW members with extensive feature writing experience.

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Photo: Michael Jones
Tara Atashgah
Under an Olive Tree
Under an Olive Tree is the story of a tragic collision between families from Israel and Palestine. Caught in the crosshairs of hate, they’re saved by a bullet that stole one child's life resurrecting hope for a new tomorrow.

Photo: Michael Jones
Bob Bridges
Khuska the Humble
Khuska, a humble serf, finds himself at the hinge point of History to decide whether or not Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg becomes Catherine the Great.

Photo: Michael Jones
Willie J. Hagan
The Furies
Three sisters with the psychological ability to make people experience the pain they’ve inflicted on others try to uncover the secrets of their past while evading a government agent intent on controlling them.

Joanna Philbin
Go Your Own Way
A young Stevie Nicks struggles to become a singer/songwriter in early Seventies L.A. while in a tumultuous relationship with future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

Peter Silverman
Herta Mansbacher
When fascism strikes Germany the life that Herta Mansbacher knew as an eccentric beloved teacher is destroyed. Instead of yielding to defeat she becomes the small ancient town’s savior and sacrifices her life to save her students. Based on a true story.

Photo: Michael Jones
Garret Williams
Lost Dog
In 1999, a jaded, white Animal Control Officer and his young black trainee chase respect, and a serial dog killer, on the night shift.