A member of the WGAW since 1978, Garner Simmons received his B.A. from Colgate University (English/Fine Arts) before becoming what his father liked to call “the best educated bartender in Chicago.” Served in the U.S. Army National Guard during the riots of the late-‘60s (the assassinations of King and Kennedy, the 1968 Democratic Convention). Took his M.A./Ph.D from Northwestern University’s School of Communication before moving to L.A. with his wife, Sheila (whose work in primary school gifted education far surpasses any accomplishment of his). A member of the Sisyphean School of screenwriting, he is a published author and internationally recognized authority on the life and films of the late Sam Peckinpah (Peckinpah: A Portrait in Montage 1982/ Revised Ed. 1998 – still in print). He recently took part in Switzerland’s 2015 Locarno International Film Festival’s Peckinpah Retrospective. He is also a current member of the WGC, DGA, and ATAS.


CONTACT: Garner Simmons, (818) 713-1949