The Inclusion and Equity Department of the Writers Guild of America West is pleased to announce the honorees for the 2019 WGAW TV Writer Access Project, a program designed to identify excellent, historically underrepresented writers with television staffing experience.

Qualified WGAW members were invited to submit their work in one of five inclusion and equity categories: minority writers; writers with disabilities; women writers; writers age 55 and over; and LGBTQ+ writers.

Scripts, which underwent two rounds of judging, were read and scored on a blind submission basis by WGAW members with extensive television writing experience, including current and former showrunners and writer/producers.

Click on the writers' names to access their bios, contacts and scripts.

Photos: Michael Jones


Cindy Appel
Ride or Die
A cautious, Prius-driving young intern struggles to impress her new bosses—Dominic Toretto and his famous crew. Based in the Fast & Furious universe, this action comedy zooms past the high-octane heists of Dom’s team and into the world of the harried interns who cover the details, whether it’s getting coffee or asking the dry cleaner how to get brain matter out of white t-shirts.

Chelsea Catalanotto
Colonize This
When an alcoholic janitor sneaks onto a Space X launch vehicle in hopes of having sex with a hot astronaut, she is accidentally sent on a mission to Mars. Unfortunately for the entire crew, the technology to send people back from Mars hasn’t yet been developed. Think a deranged Felicity in space.

Elise D'Haene
Old Dykes
A half-hour dramedy that follows the lives of a close-knit, diverse family of Pittsburgh lesbians (40s to 70s) whose lives are upended as they confront a diagnosis of ALS for one of their own.

Anne Gregory
Fucked is a half-hour, single camera dark comedy about a married couple who copes with the husband’s terminal illness by opening up their marriage, precipitating an awkward and disastrous chain of events for the entire family... especially when the husband doesn’t die.

Lena Kouyoumdjian
Party Girls
The disastrous mishaps of two millennial women who have nothing going on—but are always up to something.

Rachel Palmer & David Shecter
For Worse
The adventures of a young married couple navigating the struggles of being an adult today and finding that it’s a different world than when their parents got married. All Jake and Molly want is health insurance, a house, and for you to stop asking when they’ll have a baby.

Brent Piaskoski
Humor Me
A behind-the-scenes look at the world of a comedy club and its staff, this irreverent sitcom focuses on club owners Eddie and Kim whose club is struggling almost as much as their marriage.

Kate Spurgeon
When an overmedicated housewife is recruited by a charismatic drug rep, she escapes her suburban malaise to enter the "wild west" of pharmaceutical sales in the 1990s.

Chase Heinrich & Micah Steinberg
Grindrs Keepers
When a gay man’s attempt to come out to his family over the holidays fails once again, he finds the acceptance he craves from the family of a one-night stand he met on Grindr.


Sabrina Almeida
Die Spinne
In 1950 Spain, an Israeli intelligence officer and an American heiress take over the identity of a presumed-dead high level Nazi officer and his wife in order to infiltrate Die Spinne (The Spider), a secret underground organization which helped thousands of Nazis flee Germany after the war.

Allen Clary
Orchard Drive
Every family has its secrets, but the Orchards take the cake. Mysteriously on-the-run, the Orchard family hides out in an affluent California coastal village and quickly discovers their darkest secrets have become incredibly complicated to keep. Orchard Drive is a family drama that explores modern humanity—the good and the bad—with those who’d give everything to feel anything.

Anya Leta
Points of Origin
RJ, a New Yorker trying to have a child with his partner Tal, returns home to India and hires a surrogate mother. When his prospects become grim, RJ has to turn to his estranged brother, who threatens to pull him back into the criminal underworld he thought he had left behind forever—until now. An international surrogacy thriller set in Mumbai, India.

Lisa Long
Cimarron County
The last time a hurricane tore through the swampland of Cimarron County, something unspeakable happened. After fifty years of calm, another storm approaches, and two women from different walks of life must protect their children and confront their grief, whether by science or superstition.

D.H. Miller
Hundreds of years from now, in the environmentally-ravaged wastes of southern Canada, a ragtag battalion of soldiers must protect a small border town from murderous outlaws, water shortages, and desperate American refugees.

John-Paul Nickel
What if you got a do-over on the last year of your life? This is the question the passengers of the Metro L Line face when they find themselves thrown a year into the past. For Tess Danvers, the answer is simple—she’s going to prevent a horrific terrorist attack that is destined to strike San Francisco.

Adam Rodman
Promises to Keep
Set in the aftermath of the Civil War, Promises to Keep follows former slave CJ Riddell as he searches for his wife and children, who have been sold away over the years. CJ must deal with the detritus of a devastatingly brutal conflict, a Reconstruction that is nothing more than a hollow promise, and a family who regard him as a stranger. Through all of this, somehow, with no practical reason to believe in the possibility of a better life, CJ perseveres.

Deanna Shumaker
Long Lost
A young pregnant woman on the run from her criminal past wakes up in a small town with no memory of who she is, how she got there, or what she was running from.

Jai Tiggett
Black Magic
The story of the rise and fall of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance arts movement, told through the eyes of its rowdiest disruptor.

Matthew White
Twenty years after the Vietnam War, an escaped P.O.W. must confront his past and return to the jungle to seek redemption and answers as to the unholy fate of his vanished platoon.