Doug Molitor
Writers 55 and over

Doug loves politics, history, science…and comedy. His weekly FunnyOrDie webseries Doug’s Dozen was featured on CNN and The Randi Rhodes Show. He wrote script and lyrics for the Obama-Hillary duet “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” (1.7 million views on YouTube.) His comic novel Memoirs of a Time Traveler is out to agents with a blurb by Larry Gelbart.

Doug’s written sitcoms (You Can’t Take It With You, Sledge Hammer), sketches (Lohman & Barkley), sci-fi (Sliders), crime drama (F/X), action (Adventure, Inc.), fantasy (Young Hercules), westerns (Lucky Luke) and animation (Sabrina, Beetlejuice, Penguins of Madagascar) He won two Environmental Media Awards, and was a Humanitas Prize finalist.

Doug was selected for Warner Bros. Writers Workshop (2003), and both Comedy and Drama divisions of this Writer Access Project.

He once lost $2 million on the game show Winning Lines. Ask him what question he blew. I dare you.

CONTACT: (626) 840-0153;

Black & Wyatt; "The Big Slap"

The Big Bang Theory; "The Raymond Fault Displacement"