Jerry Mahoney
Gay and Lesbian Writers

Jerry is a graduate of Columbia University, where he earned the Bennett Cerf prize for his writing, and of USC Film School, where he won the Jack Oakie Comedy Writing Award. He is the author of the stage play Ditto, the screenplay The Queen Billy, which was optioned by Sony Pictures and the screenplay Sucker, which was a finalist in the Slamdance Screenplay Competition.

Most recently, he won the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition for his script Gladly McGee and the Damn Retarded Faggot.

He also writes and produces for documentary television shows like World's Most Amazing Videos, Most Daring and Moments of Impact, which has yet to garner him any awards.

Jerry's big gay family includes him, his lovably klutzy boyfriend and two adorable 7-month-old babies they cooked up in a strange lady's belly. All four of them enjoy the taste of pureed carrots.

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