Kathy Fischer
Women Writers

Kathy once worked as an advertising copywriter so it’s very likely that at one point in your life, she’s persuaded you to buy something you didn’t really need. Her career in entertainment began after she earned an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA in 2003. Shortly afterwards, Kathy became the very first recipient of the David and Lynn Angell Humanitas Award for Television Comedy Writing and doors opened. She landed a job as a staff writer on The George Lopez Show. She pitched and was awarded a freelance script on ABC Family’s Just a Phase. More recently, she sold a pitch and wrote a feature for Walt Disney Pictures entitled SUPERoldHEROES. Kathy is thrilled to be a WGA Writer Access Project Honoree with her Modern Family spec script “Give ‘til it hurts”.

CONTACT: (310) 266-5445;

Wedding Day Diaries

Modern Family; "Give ‘Til It Hurts"