Tony Carter
Minority Writers

Tony is perhaps the most distinctive and original voice to come out of Cleveland, Ohio since the haunting warble of American Idol contestant #279. Like a lot of screenwriters/auteurs of his generation, Tony learned his craft from spending countless, yet ultimately, valuable hours in front of the television.

Consequently, he developed a deft control of the language and rhythm of modern day television and cinema that is one part independent, one part mainstream, and one part adaptation with a series option and maybe some back-end points.

Starting his career as a Staff Writer on The Tracy Morgan Show, Tony is also an attorney, and an accomplished artist who wrote and illustrated his own comic strip, Sherman, as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. Tony has completed several comedy feature specs as well as numerous original pilots for television.

CONTACT: Sonesta Entertainment -- (310) 452-0778

Porn Star

The Office; "The Old Guy"