Melody Fox
Women Writers

Melody’s first staff job was writing about porn stars and star-crossed teenage lovers on Bruckheimer’s sexy drama Skin for FBC. She also staffed on UPN’s South Beach and was Exec Story Editor on Sci-Fi’s Flash Gordon where she wrote four episodes and learned how to produce TV on small amounts of Canadian money.

Her career began, however, by writing dialogue for talking dragons, superheroes and magical genies. Melody wasn’t hallucinating, she was writing animation. Among her many credits are Rugrats, Teen Titans, and Stuart Little for which she wrote the pilot and served as showrunner. Highlights included guest actors Michael Chiklis and Mark Hamill playing surly, cartoon alley cats, and a Humanitas Prize nomination.

Melody enjoys doing script research and has coroners and scientists on speed dial; she’s been on stakeouts and worked cases with private investigators, and recently learned about meteorite hunting for her new pilot Firefall.

CONTACT MANAGER: Jerry Miko, (213) 434-0317, jmiko@miko-group.net
CONTACT DIRECTLY: Melody Fox, (818) 505-0559, onewackybroad@aol.com


Dexter; "Footprints"