Nicole Ranadive
Minority Writers

Nicole was raised in Berkeley, CA by two Cal grads (one from Mumbai, India, the other from the Bronx, NY) who moved there for grad school and never left.

She started her career as an assistant on Dawson’s Creek, writing her first ever produced episode of television during the show’s fifth season. She then moved to the Fox drama 24 where she spent three years as the show’s script coordinator. She wrote her first episode for 24 during their Emmy winning fifth season, then was promoted to Staff Writer Season 6.

During the writers’ strike, Nicole travelled to Asia for the first time, visiting family in India. It was a life changing experience, inspiring her work with Das Films and Disney India pitching several movies for international distribution.

To fund her incessant need for food and shelter, Nicole is currently working as the script coordinator for Smallville.

CONTACT AGENCY: CAA (424) 288-2000, Tom Young, Grant Kessman
CONTACT MANAGEMENT: Madhouse Entertainment, (310) 587-2200, Adam Kolbrenner, Chris Cook

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