Oanh Ly
Minority Writers

When Oanh Ly was three, her parents thought it would be fun to take the family on a boat trip from Vietnam to America. There was also that war they were trying to escape. They survived the South China Sea and came to America as refugees. They threw her off the boat and she landed in another big scary place, Texas. She learned how to speak English by watching Three’s Company and Different Strokes. She graduated from the University of Texas where she studied playwriting and was a recipient of the James Michener Fellowship.

Oanh started her TV writing career on the CBS hit show Criminal Minds where she was on staff for three years and wrote seven episodes. She enjoys sharing serial killer trivia at cocktail parties and baby showers, loves cooking and watching sci-fi films. She recently finished two pilot specs and an indy feature spec.

CONTACT: UTA- Joel Begleiter and Lauren Meltzner 9560 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90212 -- (310) 273-6700

Stayin' Alive**

Glee, "The V-Flag"

**Script judged in 2011 Writer Access Project.