Pamela Ribon
Women Writers

Pamela Ribon has written on several network television shows, most notably the Emmy Award winning Samantha Who?. A best-selling author, Pamela has adapted her novels for both film and television. She is a recent contributor, where her latest novel, Going in Circles, was selected as an Book Club pick. She's known as a pioneer in the blogging world with her successful website, which has been spotlighted for a Lifetime Achievement award. Her stage work has been showcased at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival and she created the accidental international scandal known as Call Us Crazy: The Anne Heche Monologues.

CONTACT: Todd Christopher – Gersh - (310) 274-6611

Crazy Cat Lady: Murder Solver**

30 Rock, "Do It Anyway"

**Script judged in 2011 Writer Access Project.