Lena Waithe
Minority Writers

Lena Waithe grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Don’t worry; it was ‘hood’ adjacent. When she was two years old she became a cliché… her father left and she had to move in with her wise-cracking grandmother. But Lena had lots of great TV to keep her company while her single mom worked two jobs to make ends meet. A Different World and Rhoda were her favorites. When Lena was 12 her family moved to Evanston. She went from Cooley High to Saved by the Bell. It was a culture shock to say the least, but it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Lena began her writing career on Nickelodeon’s How To Rock where she wrote two episodes. Her latest pilot is about three black girls in their 2s trying to get their lives together. So basically it’s the black version of Girls.

CONTACT: Zac Simmons, Kaplan Stahler Agency, (323) 653-4483