Michael DiGaetano
55 & Older Writers

Michael started writing stories at age six when he realized he couldn't talk to his family because they had very little in common. After graduating from Ithaca College, he went to work at ABC Sports where after two years he realized he didn't want to follow the ball, he wanted to tell the ball where to go. So he moved to L.A. to become a writer.

Michael co-wrote the film Houseguest for Hollywood Pictures and wrote, produced, or created series and pilots with among others, Imagine, Columbia, Paramount, (Ferris Beuller/NBC) Les and Glen Charles (Flesh N' Blood/NBC), and a new updated Get Smart. (HBO Independent Prod/FBC.)

Michael has also sold spec features to United Artists, MGM, Universal and Fox as well as written many studio assignments.

Michael left L.A. in 2008 to move back to NYC to write musical theater. The "Gay No More" Telethon (Let's Get One Thing Straight...You!) was produced off-Broadway in 2010 and his Broadway musical, Miss Humanity, begins workshopping this summer.

But Michael also spent the past few years writing screenplays and pilots and is readying a return to L.A.... Especially after the past NYC winter. Brrrrr.

CONTACT: Sheree Guitar Entertainment, (310) 286-1900

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