Geetika Lizardi
Minority Writers

Hailing from a long line of doctors and engineers, it was only natural that Geetika choose to major in English at Stanford. She dreamed of being a writer but due to her intense commitment to being a “good Indian daughter,” she got an MBA and a real job working at Microsoft, where she managed all marketing activities for sports games, which she found ironic considering she was clueless about sports.

Realizing her job was someone else’s dream job, Geetika returned to her first love, Steve, and decided to have kids. Once that got old, she thought she might try her hand at writing again. She optioned her first feature, a biopic of Jane Austen (masterfully entitled, JANE) and later adapted it into a stage musical, which was showcased at regional theater in England.

Geetika loved every minute of being a staff writer on NBC’s Outsourced, and is currently developing several pilots, and a feature film with Parminder Nagra (ER, Bend It Like Beckham).

CONTACT: Jay Shanker, attorney, (323) 992-5688

The Good Wife, “She”