Thomas Wong
Minority Writers

Thomas Wong always dreamed of becoming a television writer, but, as the first-born son in a traditional Chinese family, such fanciful notions were downright un-American. Accordingly, he earned a degree in English at Williams College then attended NYU School of Law like any good child shouldering the weight of his family’s expectations would. After several years immersed in the sordid topics of labor and employment, divorce, immigration, and criminal defense, Thomas gave up the law for a stint selling luxury real estate to Manhattan's rich and famous before finally moving to Los Angeles to pursue his childhood dream. In 2009, Thomas won a place in the ABC | Disney Television Writing Fellowship. In 2012, he was selected from over 300 applicants to be the Fellow for the Fox Writers Intensive Program. Thomas wrote on staff for the ABC dramedy, The Deep End. His pilot, Queen, is currently in development.

American Horror Story, “Perfect Boy”