Geetika Lizardi
Minority Writers

When Geetika was two, she moved from India to Kentucky, the first of over 25 moves in her lifetime, including recent stints in London and Mumbai. As an English major at Stanford, she dreamed of being a writer but instead got an MBA. This led to a “real job” at Microsoft, where she managed all marketing activities for sports games, in spite of being clueless about sports.

Realizing her job was someone else’s dream job, Geetika returned to her first love, Steve, and started a family. She gave all the kids easy-to-pronounce names. Juggling writing and motherhood, Geetika optioned her first feature, a biopic of Jane Austen (masterfully entitled JANE), and later wrote and directed a musical version of it in the UK.

Geetika loved every minute of being a staff writer on NBC’s Outsourced. She is developing other TV projects and an independent film, while spending what free time is left as a soccer/baseball/theater mom and volunteering with teenagers.

CONTACT: Jay Shankar, attorney, (323) 992-5688