John Lau
55 & Older Writers

The first story I ever told had a female protagonist. It was about a girl climbing stairs, who had a nosebleed. I hadn’t learned how to write yet. Instead I would illustrate my tales on the chalkboard my parents had provided to stop me from drawing on the walls with my crayons. I chose a girl for my story because as stick figures go, girls were more complicated than boys. Similarly, the diagonal of the stairs was more interesting than a simple line denoting the ground. The nosebleed remains open to interpretation to this day.

Since then, I’ve optioned a number of spec screenplays, had one produced and premier on HBO. Worked in feature development on such projects as Iron Man and Speed Racer. Had a pilot air on CBS. Staffed on a syndicated drama; a network comedy. Now writing spec pilots, features and novels.

CONTACT: John Lau, (310) 568-0344

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